The Canadian Quaker Learning Series (CQLS) is a place where writers can express their concerns and insights on matters of interest to the Quaker community in a format somewhat fuller than an article. Many different topics are explored, but they all embody a concern and enhance spiritual development.

The Sunderland P. Gardner lecture delivered during CYM In Session is included annually in the series. Occasionally the series will be expressed in other media but currently they are published as small pamphlets, and distributed through The Canadian Friend, twice annually.

The Editorial Board (CQLS) is under the care of Winnipeg Monthly Meeting. We are open to receive proposals, ideas, outlines, or abstracts for possible future pamphlets.

Any topic is welcome, especially those that relate to Quaker life today or offer inspiration. We also welcome accounts of personal experience or oral history that show spiritual growth and development, and are open to receiving completed manuscripts for consideration.

For information or detail on the submission and decision process, write to:

Winnipeg Monthly Quaker Meeting
Attention: John Samson Fellows, CQLS
145 Maryland St, Winnipeg, MB
R3G 1K9

You can also email the Quaker Learning Series Clerk.

In 2015 we began producing pamphlets in electronic form, commencing with Mark A. Burch’s Come All Ye Who Are Heavily Cumbered: Simplicity As The Radical Path to Peace, Justice, Community And Care Of The Earth. This pamphlet is now available at Smashwords in various ebook and digital formats: epub (Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, and tablets), mobi (Kindle), rtf, lrf, pdb, txt, and pdf (a version that’s best for reading on screens).

We also worked to provide a print-friendly PDF version of Come All Ye Who Are Heavily Cumbered. The PDF presents two pages to a sheet with readable font size, so that when printed it can be folded into a pamphlet with the pages ordered correctly. You will also need the detailed printing directions to correctly print it at home.

Keith R. Maddock’s new pamphlet Praying Through the Bars: A Pastoral Testimony For Prison Visitors (2016) is also available at Smashwords, in many different formats. With this work, he encourages those who would take on this important ministry with practical suggestions for conversational openings and how and when to explore questions of faith and spiritual testimonies.

Cover of Come Ye Cumbered Pamphlet