CQLS Pamphlet: “Come All Ye Who Are Heavily Cumbered”

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Front Cover for "Come All Ye Who Are Heavily Cumbered: Simplicity As The Radical Path to Peace, Justice, Community and Care Of The Earth"Come All Ye Who are Heavily Cumbered: Simplicity as the Radical Path to Peace, Justice, Community and Care of the Earth by Mark A. Burch

This is text of the Quaker Study Sessions for Canadian Yearly Meeting in August, 2014 where Mark Burch took us on a journey into simplicity. Since much of the violence in the world is structural in nature and is imposed on our behalf on distant others whose suffering is out of sight and therefore out of mind, Mark urges us to reduce it by cultivating personal and regional self-reliance through simple living.  He explores how our lives have become encumbered, the spiritual roots of simplicity, and how we may regain it.

This PDF is formatted as two sheets per page, to be printed in landscape form double-sided.  The resulting 9 sheets can then be folded in half, stapled or stitched in the middle, and be a readable hard-copy pamphlet with the pages in the correct order.   You are advised to also download the detailed printing instructions: Printing a PDF QuickPrint Pamphlet.

By: Mark A. Burch
Year: 2015
Canadian Quaker Learning Series #6