CYFYM Minutes 2010

Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting 2010

Canadian Mennonite University Campus

Winnipeg, MB

Co-Clerks: Peter Stevenson, Rachel Urban-Shipley

Recording Clerk: Jessica Klaassen Wright

Attending: Chris Abbott, Jonah Egan-Pimblett, Ben Segel-Brown, Grace Egan-Pimblett, Brigid Egan-Pimblett, Chris Barfitt, Jonathan Trofymow, Kevin Abbott, Ebony Campbell, Kimberly Powers, Rachel Singleton-Polster, Daniel Von Schulmann, Melody Powers, Sam Beardsell, Jaya Karsemeyer

The Meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Peter Stevenson talked about the Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting (CYFYM) Fund with the meeting and explained the state of our finances. CYFYM currently has over $3,000 in the fund and has still not received the annual allowance from Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM). Ben Segel-Brown asked the meeting for funding to attend CYM 2010. He came with a minute of support from Ottawa Monthly Meeting and requested $380.97. This money will be reimbursed to Canadian Friends Service Committee who is currently paying for his expenses. There was a feeling of support in the meeting and we approved the request.

Rachel Singleton-Polster, Jonah Egan-Pimblett, and Daniel Von Schulmann served on Nominating Committee this year. CYFYM discussed all the names presented to the meeting by Nominating Committee. All the names listed below were approved.

Committees of CYM

Records Committee: Brigid Egan-Pimblett

Publications & Communications: Ben Segel-Brown

Programme Committee: Ebony Campbell (Replaced by Sandy Zelazny)

Home Mission and Advancement Committee: Jonah Egan-Pimblett

Canadian Friends Service Committee: Chris Abbott


Young Adult Friends Clerk: Alan Tatro

Recording Clerk: Grace Egan-Pimblett

There were no names brought forward for Sporadical of the CYFYM web-minders. Rebecca Ivanoff is the current editor of the Sporadical and the meeting suggested that we ask her if she is willing to continue with this position. Kimberly Powers expressed an interest in this position. Her name was discussed by the meeting and we approved these names as co-editors.

Ben Segel-Brown is willing to continue as an informal web-minder. He also expressed that he cannot change the website if there is no content to put on it. The meeting discussed the possibilities of getting more content on the site.

A concern was raised that listeners are not always easy to contact. Peter Stevenson suggested that we publicise their contact information with the list of national listeners. Listeners should be aware that their names will be publicized, and they should also work to make it easier for YF’s and YAF’s to contact them.

In a great sense of relief, the meeting ended on time with a moment of silence.