CYFYM Minutes 2007

First Sitting

Canadian Young Friends Meeting for Worship for Business

Monday, August 6th 2007

In Attendance: Kelly Ackerman (Clerk), Marika Haspeck (Recording Clerk), Ellen Cheatley, Steven Dewar-Turcotte, Chris Barfitt, Peter Stevenson, Jessie Thomson, Rachel Singleton-Polster, Reykia Fick, Keith MacGowan, Leah Foy, Christina Tellez, Jaya Kersemayer, Rachel Urban-Shipley, Jesse Husk.


  • A brief moment of opening worship began our meeting.
  • Agenda review and group introduction.
  • Nominating Committee gave a review of the positions that are currently open for the upcoming CYFYM 2008. Members who had previously served on committees spoke on their experience of service with these committees. Current positions available are: YF Clerk, HMAC, CFSC, Listeners, Sporadical Publisher, and CYM Mentoring Clerk. A written procedure for nominations will be brought forward on Wednesday and will be posted for consideration prior to our next business meeting.
  • Meeting was asked if they felt comfortable having two members on Nominating Committee, as our third member was unable to attend this gathering. The Meeting felt this was fine.
  • Peter Stevenson spoke briefly on the position of the YF/YAF appointed to Agenda Committee, and clarified what was involved with being on the Agenda Committee for CYM business meetings. There was discussion of this position and the position offered by CYM Business Meeting for a YF/YAF to be given a seat at the clerking table and experience the process of clerking the CYM Business Meeting. Although at this time there was little interest shown, the invitation has been left open to anyone who should feel led to be a part of this experience.
  • Emily Stewart, Youth Ministries Coordinator for FGC spoke on the FGC Youth Ministries committee and the Quaker Youth Website. She also brought forward Young Quakes, a program available for High School aged students which allows YF’s to learn and share with members of the Quaker Community. has a large amount of information available on activities and events that YF’s and YAF’s can be a part of.
  • An Epistle committee of Jaya Karsemeyer, Kelly Ackerman, Steven Dewar-Turcotte, and Christina Tellez was approved by the meeting. A draft will be brought to Business Meeting on Friday.
  • A YAF raised the concern that YF’s may feel overwhelmed by the larger presence of YAF at this year’s CYFYM. It was mentioned that the interaction and support of YAF’s in meeting is welcomed by YF’s and that the week is early and we have many experiences on a social and informal level yet to come. We hope that we can all keep this concern in mind throughout the coming week and that we can foster our relationship as a community of YF/YAF’s.
  • Members appointed to committees were asked to bring a brief report of their experiences serving on CYM committees to Friday’s business meeting.
  • Meeting was closed with a moment of silence.


Second Sitting

Canadian Young Friends Meeting for Worship for Business

Friday August 10th, 2007

In attendance: Kelly Ackerman (Clerk), Marika Haspeck (Recording Clerk), Peter Stevenson, Steven Dewar-Turcotte, Rachel Urban-Shipley, Christopher Barfitt, Christina Tellez, Lea Foy, Jessica Klaassen-Wright, Ellen Cheatley, Bill Curry, Julie Sullivan, Reykia Fick, Rachel Singleton-Polster, Erin McDougall, Andrew Esser-Haines.

2.1 We opened with silent worship.

2.2 Introductions of our guests in meeting as well as a round of names of members present.

2.3 Bill Curry, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. Bill spoke to us on the ICAN project and noted that CYM had already endorsed the project. ICAN demands a Nuclear Weapon Free World. Friends read each demand out loud to allow for all of us to have the opportunity to hear what ICAN is working for. ICAN will be launched this coming fall. Young Friends Yearly Meeting was asked if they agree with endorsing this project. (See attachment) (Physicians for Global Survival). We endorse this project. We approve that the Clerks will write a letter to forward in support of ICAN.

2.4 Nominating Committee brought forward a new binder of practice to use as a working document to be updated as needed in future CYFYMs. This document was circulated before this meeting and feedback will be included in the current edition. Young Friends present at meeting expressed gratitude for the hard work put in by the current Nominating Committee.

2.4-2 Names brought forward for positions open for the 2007/2008 year:

                YF Co-Clerk: Rachel Singleton-Polster

                Recording Clerk: Lea Foy

                Listeners: Christina Telez & Peter Stevenson

                HMAC: Marika Haspeck

                CFSC: Maggie Knight

Nominating Committee: Jesse Thompson (First Named), Jesse Husk (Alternate), Rachel Urban-Shipley, Steven Dewar-Turcotte.

*During the approval process for the above listed names, concerns were brought forward of the current steps taken when a serving member is unable to serve. We reviewed our current procedure and we hope that nominating committee will be able to ensure that this is kept in mind throughout the year, and that this procedure is clarified in the binder. The meeting has approved the above list of names.

2.5 A brief presentation of the FWCC Youth Pilgrimage was brought to the attention of the meeting.

2.6 We have received two reports from those committee members currently serving. These reports will be appended to these minutes, and the remaining will be emailed to the recording clerk for inclusion and posting.

2.7 CYFYM Procedural Binders:

                Peter Stevenson and Kelly Ackerman have brought forward a suggestion that in our procedural binders, each committee or delegate of service should make changes based on the most appropriate course of action at the time of change. However, larger changes that are of more concern to the committee should be brought to the wider body of CYFYM for approval.

                It was suggested that copies of these procedural binders be brought to Jane Zavitz-Bond to place in the CYM archives.

                Peter expressed that information about what each committee does along with procedures and policies developed and a list of important correspondence should be included in each binder. It was recommended that binders be organised by year.

2.8 These minutes were approved.

2.9 Meeting closed with silent worship.