Report from Representative Meeting 05/15/2021

*Official Minutes from this meeting will be distributed by the CYM Office and can be requested from CYFYM.*

Consent Agenda

2021.05.1. re acceptance of the Community of Christ into the Canadian Council of Churches. The Canadian Council of Churches was informed on February 9, 2021 that Canadian Yearly Meeting supports admitting the Community of Christ into membership in the Canadian Council of Churches. (Refer to the Clerk’s report appended to the CYM minutes of January 23, 2021.) *Approved*

2021.05.2. Update on donation of CYM food Co-op equipment to Camp NeeKauNis. The food co-op equipment that has been stored by Friends near Winnipeg has been transferred to Camp NeeKauNis. Hamilton Monthly Meeting generously donated toward the cost of this move. *Approved*

Active Agenda

2021.05.3. Nominations to the nominating committee. Representative Meeting is asked by the CYM Clerks’ Committee to approve a process for 2021 for approving nominations to the CYM Nominating Committee. This is usually done by a Naming Committee of Delegates Meeting. As Delegates Meeting will be online this summer, Clerks’ Committee proposes that Clerks’ Committee perform the role of  ‘naming committee’ for nominations to the nominating committee — one new member is needed for service beginning in August 2021. Monthly Meeting clerks are asked to send nominations to Clerks’ Committee. *Approved*

2021.05.4. Approval of CYM Nominations

Clerk’s Committee gave interim approval on Feb 17, 2021 to two nominations presented by CYM Nominating Committee so these Friends could begin service. Representative Meeting is asked to give final approval: 

Daniel Allen (KA) to serve a one year term on Program Committee. 

Svetlana McDonald (CS) to serve a three year term on Contributions Committee. Nominating Committee is asking for approval of Simon Daley, attender at Peterborough MM, to serve as Youth Program Co-ordinator on the Program Committee for a term that will end at the rise of CYM  Gathering in August 2021. A minute of support was receoved from Peterborough MM. *Approved*

2021.05.5. Proposal from Archives Committee to extend terms of Archives Committee members  (See Report from Clerk of Archives Committee)


2021.05.6 Recommendation regarding composition of CYM Finance Committee Received from Barbara Horvath, Clerk of CYM Trustees:  

In 2020, CYM Trustees approved inclusion of the Clerk of Personnel Committee on Finance Committee, on a one year interim basis. Clerks of other standing committees are already represented on Finance Committee. The participation of Personnel Committee has proven to be very helpful in facilitating communication about the financial implications of personnel matters. Trustees now recommend this interim approval be continued until recommendations can be received from the Finance Systems Working Group about the permanent composition of Finance Committee.

Can Representative Meeting approve the following minute? 

Representative Meeting approves the continued service of the Clerk of Personnel Committee on CYM Finance Committee. We ask the Finance Systems Working Group to make a recommendation regarding the future composition of Finance Committee. *Approved*

2021.05.7. Request from Personnel/Finance Working Group. (See both the report from this group  and the CYM Clerk’s report regarding its formation.) 

Representative Meeting is asked to minute approval for 2022 budgetary expenses for the CYM Archives program ahead of the 2022 budget construction process. Specifically, Representative Meeting is asked to commit up to a maximum of $16,719 in the 2022 budget to enable CYM to hire an archivist, beginning in 2021. This will ensure CYM can fund the staffing position with an annual salary and benefits up to $57,500, in support of the reopening of the CYM Archives in 2021. This was approved by Finance Committee at a specially-called meeting on April 27, 2021. *Approved*

2021.05.8. Proposal for CYM logo 

On the recommendation of Contributions Committee and following a discussion at the Meeting of All Clerks [of CYM committees] (MAC) in March, Clerks’ Committee is bringing a recommendation to Canadian Yearly Meeting that we adopt an official logo to add to our efforts to create a consistent visual identity. This logo would appear on our letterhead, on our website, on all official correspondence (including emails from the CYM staff and the CYM clerks), on all publications of CYM (including pamphlets, The Canadian Friend, the enewsletter) and announcements regarding any meeting sponsored by CYM or one of its committees. A consistent logo on everything we create and  send out will make the work of Canadian Yearly Meeting more visible to both Canadian Friends and the wider public. It could help with our problem of not being visible enough to Canadian Friends, many of whom say they don’t know what CYM does. 

Publications and Communications Committee has in the past considered an official logo and designs were suggested. As part of moving this work forward, Clerks’ Committee is proposing a draft minute for Representative Meeting to consider: 

Representative Meeting asks Publications and Communications Committee (PubCom) to begin developing a consistent visual identity for CYM in the form of a logo. PubCom and Clerks’ Committee are asked to work together to support effective consultation and decision-making  processes that align with Quaker values. *Approved*

2021.05.9 Update on Cowichan Valley MM initiative re: same-sex marriage. *Defferred, Representative not present*

**30 Min Break**

2021.05.10 E&O Announcement – Workshop “Hope as a practice” via Woodbrooke *Received*

2021.05.11 Monthly Meeting Reports/Sharing *Received*