Agenda 2023

Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting In Session 

Agenda for 5th Day of Eleventh Month, 2023 

“…[T]he way forward for our meetings only becomes evident as a few of us, individually and together, have the humility to admit our need for an active faith, a trusting of ourselves to the love of God and to the leadings of God’s Spirit in our lives. The way forward for our meeting depends on some of its members choosing to accept the discipline of a spiritual life, both in solitude and in community. Growth in the spiritual life will then be wholly dependent on our continuing readiness to let God show us what are the right priorities for the use of our gifts, our resources, and – most critically – our time. It will be dependent on our disciplined alertness day by day, so that we become aware that even those previously right priorities have been changed. 

It is a life of adventure, of challenge and often of joy – but also a life of paradox, in which discipline is the key to freedom as humility is the key to faith.” Alastair Heron, 1989 

CYM Faith and Practice 

Please join here at 1 PM Pacific / 2 PM Mountain / 3 PM Central / 4 PM Eastern / 5 PM Atlantic 09 

Meeting ID: 906 107 6645 

Passcode: CYM1955 

Opening Worship (as long as we are led) 

Housekeeping (5 minutes) 

Offerings (15 minutes) 

– Report from Gathering Organizing Committee 

– Report from Representatives 

Guiding Light 

– Directions we will go (25 minutes) 

– Positions we need (15 minutes)

– Naming (20 minutes) 

Our next meeting (10 minutes) 

Closing Worship (as long as we are led) 

Please note: suggested times for each agenda item are flexible. We would like to keep the meeting to two hours.