CYFYM Minutes 2016

Monday August 8, 2016

Present: Keighlagh Donovan (Edmonton), York Dudiak (Edmonton), Maggie Knight (Vancouver), David Raymond (Ottawa), Zaley Warkentin (Winnipeg), Jessica Klaassen-Wright (Saskatoon), Christina Tellez (Halifax), David Summerhays (Montreal)

  1. 08.08.1 Worship

We opened with worship

2016.08.08.2 Introductions and Agenda Review

The clerk gave an introduction to the purpose of a meeting for worship for business. We reviewed the agenda and did a round of introductions.

2016.08.08.2 Naming a recording clerk for this session

Many thanks to David Summerhays for offering to serve as the recording clerk of this session. 

2016.08.08.3 CYFYM at CYM

The clerk shared information of some CYM opportunities and activities that pertain to CYFYM: CYM agenda review committee has reached out to ask if any young friends would like to sit at the Clerk’s table during CYM Meetings for Worship for Business; young friends are encouraged to attend Tuesday’s CYM Business Meeting, which will be an extended meeting for worship following up on previous discussions on the future of CYM and introducing the question of what to do with an anonymous donation of $250, 000 that was given to CYM; Program Committee wanted to know if young friends would organize a dance party after the LGBTQ evening program.

2016.08.08.4 Naming a Nominations Committee and Epistle Committee

The clerk introduced the positions that CYFYM had traditionally filled on CYFYM and CYM committees that are currently vacant. Unfortunately no one from the CYFYM nominating committee was able to attend CYFYM this year. It is also tradition that CYFYM produce an epistle that can be shared with other young friends and other Meetings. One friend noted that in recent years these epistles have taken on different creative forms. Friends settled into silence to see if they feel led to serve either on the nominations or epistle committees. Maggie Knight offered to assist in making nominations. The clerk will work to make nominations. David Raymond offered to reach out to young friends in his Meeting in relation positions open for nomination. David Summerhays and David Raymond offered to work together to craft an epistle. Thank you to these friends. 

2016.08.08.5 Clerk’s Report

The YAF clerk reported on her activities throughout the year. One of these activities was her involvement in the Clerk’s Committee of CYM. This year was the first time a CYFYM clerk participated in the Committee of Clerks’ monthly meetings on a regular basis. The clerk reported that it was worthwhile to be part of these discussions, which built relationships and knowledge. The clerk was able to contribute the perspective of young friends at these meetings. One Friend noted that this was a good opportunity for leadership and development. If there is the capacity for this exchange in the future, then we hope that it will be continued. 

The clerk also reported on her attendance at the FWCC World Plenary in Peru from the 21-27th of January 2016. The clerk expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to attend the 2016 FWCC World Plenary, much of which was made possible by the contribution made by CYFYM. Please find the report on this attached.

The final item the clerk reported back on was the status of the 2017 Youth Gathering that was minuted in CYFYM’s 2015 minutes. The ad hoc committee continues to work on the programming and logistics of this gathering and is currently gathering information that will be helpful to this process. The committee is engaging with representative from various CYM committees who are able to assist with this work. The gathering will be held from June 29th-July 2nd 2017, at which point young friends will be encouraged to travel to FGC, which begins on July 2nd. 

2016.08.08.6 Future of CYFYM- Discussion Intro

The clerk and other friends introduced an important discussion 

2016.08.08.7 Closing Worship