Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting Epistle 2015

This year at CYM there were a lot of conversations about communication and how we share our message. With this in mind, Young Friends also experimented with different modes of communication when writing our epistle. This year’s epistle was collaboratively written through a game sort of like ‘broken telephone.’ We each reflected on something we had experienced at yearly meeting and wrote a sentence about it at the top of a page. The paper was passed in a circle and the next person drew and illustration of the sentence. The original sentence was then folded over so that only the illustration was visible and it was passed again. The next person wrote a caption for what they saw in the illustration, folded over the illustration so that only their caption was visible and passed it on. The paper continued to be folded and passed around the circle until we reached the end of the page. We hope you enjoy our collaborative epistle, and the adventures that sprang from our reflections on this week.Learning Quaker process (5)

Chair dance party (6)

Mum, can we use the kitchen to bake a cake (2)

A late night walk (4)

A late night walk (4 ending)We sat through 2 business meetings (1)

Swipe right to hold in the light (3)