CYFYM Minutes 2023

Minutes of Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting
Seventh Month 2023
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Session Clerk – Caileigh
Session Recording Clerk – Zaley

Minutes [Tenth Day, Seventh Month]
In Attendance: Redacted for Distribution
Freedom of the Meeting – Redacted for Distribution under 13 approved

“CYFYM is the Committee for Hope. We don’t feel like we’re dying out.”
07-10-2023 (01) We discussed the upcoming proposal for where CYM in session will be held
next year. Concern was raised over whether or not there would be time in the schedule as well
as an appropriate space for CYFYM to hold our business sessions. It would be difficult for any
Young Friends from out of town to attend the first section of Gathering, due to lack of
accommodations at Friends House. Holding CYFYM at a different time than CYM in session
would make it much harder for the younger friends to attend, as they generally travel with family.
We hope that the needs of CYFYM to meet in person are considered and supported as this is
essential for our meeting and community.

Minutes [Seventh Month, Twelfth Day]
In attendance: Redacted for Distribution

07-12-23 (01) Caileigh gave us a brief history of Yearly Meetings in general. Friends shared
their experiences, challenges and joys. It was a gathered meeting that left friends feeling lifted
out of heaviness into light. Themes from our community check-in will be shared in our epistle.
07/12/23 (02) Given the present circumstances of having 4 years with no business meeting, and
the Representatives having little guiding light, as well as those serving on the Gathering
committee, we propose to have one online business meeting on November 5th 2023 at 1pm
Pacific time, to discuss these matters more thoroughly. This gives time for the Representatives
and Gathering committee to discern their calling as to continued service and to give time for
new names to be brought forward. We encourage those Friends in common localities to gather
in person to connect to the meeting. We will use all possible means to communicate this to all
Young Friends across the country.

Items laid over:
● Reps Report

● Gathering Committee report
● What are we led to do now?
● Is our structure still serving us?
● What do we want to see in the next year?
● Nominations