CYFYM Minutes 2006

CYFYM Minutes 2006

6.1 After a brief silence, our clerks, Peter Early and Reykia Fick, opened the meeting with a description of what our business meeting was, both in practice and to them personally.

6.2 Moving on, we reviewed and approved the agenda for the night.

6.3 The acting recording clerk, Alan Tatro, was approved, and Marika Haspeck was named as an alternate recording clerk pending computer issues. We were then asked if anyone had a particular calling to join the nominating committee, as only 1 of the 3 members are in attendance at CYM. The names Chris Barfitt and Alan Tatro were put forward and approved by the meeting.

6.4 We then went over the positions that will need to be filled for next year, an reviewed the basics of each role.

6.5 The wider meeting had expressed an interest in having a Young Friend on Agenda Committee for the rest of the week. It was asked if any YF’s had a calling to be there, and after discussion about the position, and a moment of silence, Peter Stevenson was led to fill the role. Peter also suggested that the position not be added to the list of positions to be filled by nominating committee, as they are already burdened with many roles to fill, and few people to fill them.

6.6 The next item on the agenda was to fill the positions for Epistle Committee, and whether the Young Adult Friends and Young Friends should have a single epistle, or if their varying experiences warranted two separate documents. We decided that the epistle should be unified, and three people were led to help write it: Reykia Fick, Jessica Klaassen-Wright, and Steven Dewar-Turcotte. It was also decided that the epistle would be approved on a special meeting of CYFYM on Friday evening, rather than have it completed before the event is over for our meeting on Thursday.

6.7 The meeting was then asked if the Young Friends were interested in giving the Sunderland P. Gardener Lecture in 2008, as the wider CYM had expressed interest in our involvement. Some Friends expressed that perhaps this may be something for us to consider in the future, rather than exploring it as an option for 2008, as the option will remain open to us. Maggie Knight suggested a partially audio/visual presentation of Young Friends and Young Adult Friends speaking on the experience of being a Quaker. We decided to reconvene on Thursday after discerning if there is a leading from the Canadian Young Friends outside of the body of the current business meeting. An ad-hoc committee was formed for this task, which consisted of Peter Early, Maggie Knight, Marika Haspeck, and Alan Tatro. Friends also expressed that the decision has not been made whether we are doing the SPG lecture in 2008, but rather an exploration of whether it is feasible, and whether there is a leading among Young Friends to do so.

6.8 On the subject of harassment guidelines, the meeting was asked to look at guidelines from a previous meetings compilation on Sexual Harassment. Friends voiced concerns that these guidelines, although concise these guidelines may not cover all the “isms” that are matters for concern. It was decided that this is in any case a working document and that we would incorporate this as an attachment to our minutes and Rachel has volunteered to look into an appropriate time for those interested to meet and discuss the current guidelines.

6.9 Reykia Fick briefly explained the items of creating a format for YF’s to report from committees to which they have been appointed and that Sporadical being published at least once a year be a goal of our YF Sporadical Committee. These items have been moved to our next business meeting agenda.

6.10 We had a brief worship and a laundry basket procession followed by another brief closing worship.

Announcements: Youth Ministries Programs –

FGC developed to support YF’s with leadings etc. Get thee to the party!

August 17th 2006

6.17.1 Meeting opened with a few minutes of centering silent worship.

6.17.2 Minutes from our first sitting of the CYFYM meeting for business were read by Peter Earley and were approved by the meeting with revisions which will be made before the end of CYM session.

6.17.3 Nominating Committee announced the names of those nominated to fill the positions available this year. While Nominating Committee presented the names they had agreed upon, it was proposed to Meeting that the appointment of a supporting clerk would benefit the incoming nomination for Clerk and allow the other named to serve. It was recommended that rather than creating a new position, that we could affirm the position of Recording Clerk and assure that the Recording Clerk is more involved in the clerking responsibilities outside of CYFYM business meeting sessions.

6.17.4 There was a long discussion over many aspects of the list of names brought forward and also of several procedures that we have within our meeting. It was brought before the meeting that there were concerns over a lack of clearness for CYFYM Nominating Committee process. In particular, concerns were put forward about the possibility of Nominating Committee members being nominated for upcoming positions and of a presiding CYFYM Clerk serving on Nominating Committee.

6.17.5 We were reminded that Quaker practice has been developed with spirituality and within a worshipful setting. In order to provide Nominating Committee as well as all members serving the upcoming CYFYM 2007 with procedural guidelines to help them best carry out their business we re-affirm minute 05.23 of last year’s minutes that each member serving next year prepare a binder of information and that this binder include position guidelines, procedure information and information about previous difficulties and how they were resolved. To allow for growth within our Young Friends community we would like to have these binders available for all Young Friends to review and learn from during all CYFYM sessions.

6.17.6 Peter Stevenson has volunteered to serve as support for those members who will be preparing the binders. The meeting approved the Peter Stevenson be a part of this process and re-affirmed that these binders be put together for CYFYM meetings in future and as an ongoing process.

6.17.7 Meeting approved the appointment of Peter Stevenson as an additional member of nominating committee and Peter Earley felt led to withdraw his name from both this and next year’s Nominating Committee lists. Friend Earley felt that this would help affirm minute 6.17.4, and aid in healing the uncomfortable feelings the meeting expressed in regard to a possible conflict of interest.

6.17.8 Nominations will be approved in our follow-up meeting tomorrow and nominating committee will continue to discern over the names to be nominated for next year.

6.17.9 The Treasury Report was presented by Marika Haspeck. The Young Friends Fund as of August 15, 2006 was $4010.57. There are still travel costs to be claimed by WGYF participants in attendance this year and a new total will be available for tomorrow’s meeting.

6.17.10 Meeting closed with a few moments of worship.

Friday August 18, 2006

In attendance: Reykia Fick, Peter Earley (Co-Clerks), Marika Haspeck (Interim Recording Clerk), Christopher Barfitt, Kelly Ackerman, Peter Stevenson, Alan Tatro, Galen Fick, Jonathan Trofymow, Rachael Singleton-Polster, Jessica Klaassen-Wright, Steven Dewar-Turcotte, Elen Cheatly, Maggie Knight, Kim Powers.

06.18.1 Opening Worship

06.18.2 Minutes of last night’s business meeting were presented and approved with a small revision to the total of the Young Friends Fund.

06.18.3 Peter Stevenson presented the names from Nominating Committee. The names were approved as follows:

Incoming Clerk – Kelly Ackerman

Recording Clerk – Marika Haspeck

Nominating Committee – Reykia Fick, Rachael Singleton-Polster, Jonathan Trofymow.

Treasurer – Chris Barfitt

Sporadical – Rachael Singleton-Polster, Maggie Knight

CFSC Representative – Steven Dewar-Turcotte

Programme Committee – Jessica Klaassen-Wright, Rachael Singleton-Polster

Religious Education – Elen Cheatly


Mentoring Clerks – Gail Wills, Marilyn Manzer

Listeners – Kelly Ackerman, Rachael Singleton-Polster

06.18.4 It was the general feeling of the meeting that we should include in our Nominating Committee binder a procedure to communicate with care, to involved Friends, any changes made from the initial reading of the nominations list, to the final presented list of names.

06.18.5 We believe that Maggie Knight has proven her leading and her ability to serve both CYFYM and our greater community. It is our recommendation that after completing her service with Camp NeeKauNis Committee next CYFYM session, Maggie Knight be deeply considered as a nomination for the CFSC Representative position.

06.18.6 We as a meeting have approved the appointment of both Programme Committee Representatives given that at least one of these people is in attendance at each of the Programme Committee meetings. The named representatives have agreed to split the Programme Committee funding for travel.

06.18.7 We had a brief break to allow for clearness of mind, spirit, and body.

06.18.8 In the interest of time we accept the adoption of the sexual harassment guidelines as a working document, and move to have a volunteer to work on addition to this document throughout the year and bring for some recommendations to CYFYM 2007 for consideration. Alan Tatro and Elen Cheatly have volunteered to do this and were approved to do so.

06.18.9 Galen Fick brought forward a proposal for the allocation of the remaining WGYF funds, which was read to the meeting. This proposal is attached. There was a great interest within the group that we begin fostering connections with Friends in Guatemala, and that the funds remaining from the WGYF fundraising be set aside to be used in our mission with this initiative. The meeting approved that this initiative and the allocation of funds be a goal for our meeting in the coming year. Galen Fick volunteered to be a main contact person to carry this forward and was approved by the meeting.

06.18.10 Funding was approved for Maggie $700, Kelly $450, and Marika $450.

06.18.11 Once an understanding of the complete financial outlook of CYFYM and WGYF funds was raised, the meeting came to agreement the CYFYM would allocate an additional $250 to the remaining WGYF fund to bring it to a total $1000. This fund will from this point be recognised as the Puentes de Amor Fund (Bridges of Love).

06.18.12 Friends approved funds for spiritual pizza to feed the soul and drinks for the party on the final evening of CYM Session.

06.18.13 Friends approved a feedback system for Young Friends currently serving on committees outside of CYFYM. Those Friends will write an annual report, which will be submitted both to the clerk of CYFYM and to the editors of the Sporadical.

06.18.14 SPG Lecture – The meeting decided that the feasibility of Young Friends hosting the SPG Lecture in 2008 didn’t exist. However, we expressed interest in doing it in 2009, and formed an adhoc committee for the purpose consisting of Marika Haspeck, Maggie Knight, Alan Tatro, Steven Dewar-Turcotte, Jessica Klaassen-Wright, and Peter Earley. The meeting approved these names.