CYFYM Minutes 2006

CYFYM Minutes 2006

6.1 After a brief silence, our clerks, Peter Early and Reykia Fick, opened the meeting with a description of what our business meeting was, both in practice and to them personally.

6.2 Moving on, we reviewed and approved the agenda for the night.

6.3 The acting recording clerk, Alan Tatro, was approved, and Marika Haspeck was named as an alternate recording clerk pending computer issues. We were then asked if anyone had a particular calling to join the nominating committee, as only 1 of the 3 members are in attendance at CYM. The names Chris Barfitt and Alan Tatro were put forward and approved by the meeting.

6.4 We then went over the positions that will need to be filled for next year, an reviewed the basics of each role.

6.5 The wider meeting had expressed an interest in having a Young Friend on Agenda Committee for the rest of the week. It was asked if any YF’s had a calling to be there, and after discussion about the position, and a moment of silence, Peter Stevenson was led to fill the role. Peter also suggested that the position not be added to the list of positions to be filled by nominating committee, as they are already burdened with many roles to fill, and few people to fill them.

6.6 The next item on the agenda was to fill the positions for Epistle Committee, and whether the Young Adult Friends and Young Friends should have a single epistle, or if their varying experiences warranted two separate documents. We decided that the epistle should be unified, and three people were led to help write it: Reykia Fick, Jessica Klaassen-Wright, and Steven Dewar-Turcotte. It was also decided that the epistle would be approved on a special meeting of CYFYM on Friday evening, rather than have it completed before the event is over for our meeting on Thursday.

6.7 The meeting was then asked if the Young Friends were interested in giving the Sunderland P. Gardener Lecture in 2008, as the wider CYM had expressed interest in our involvement. Some Friends expressed that perhaps this may be something for us to consider in the future, rather than exploring it as an option for 2008, as the option will remain open to us. Maggie Knight suggested a partially audio/visual presentation of Young Friends and Young Adult Friends speaking on the experience of being a Quaker. We decided to reconvene on Thursday after discerning if there is a leading from the Canadian Young Friends outside of the body of the current business meeting. An ad-hoc committee was formed for this task, which consisted of Peter Early, Maggie Knight, Marika Haspeck, and Alan Tatro. Friends also expressed that the decision has not been made whether we are doing the SPG lecture in 2008, but rather an exploration of whether it is feasible, and whether there is a leading among Young Friends to do so.

6.8 On the subject of harassment guidelines, the meeting was asked to look at guidelines from a previous meetings compilation on Sexual Harassment. Friends voiced concerns that these guidelines, although concise these guidelines may not cover all the “isms” that are matters for concern. It was decided that this is in any case a working document and that we would incorporate this as an attachment to our minutes and Rachel has volunteered to look into an appropriate time for those interested to meet and discuss the current guidelines.

6.9 Reykia Fick briefly explained the items of creating a format for YF’s to report from committees to which they have been appointed and that Sporadical being published at least once a year be a goal of our YF Sporadical Committee. These items have been moved to our next business meeting agenda.

6.10 We had a brief worship and a laundry basket procession followed by another brief closing worship.

Announcements: Youth Ministries Programs –

FGC developed to support YF’s with leadings etc. Get thee to the party!

August 17th 2006

6.17.1 Meeting opened with a few minutes of centering silent worship.

6.17.2 Minutes from our first sitting of the CYFYM meeting for business were read by Peter Earley and were approved by the meeting with revisions which will be made before the end of CYM session.

6.17.3 Nominating Committee announced the names of those nominated to fill the positions available this year. While Nominating Committee presented the names they had agreed upon, it was proposed to Meeting that the appointment of a supporting clerk would benefit the incoming nomination for Clerk and allow the other named to serve. It was recommended that rather than creating a new position, that we could affirm the position of Recording Clerk and assure that the Recording Clerk is more involved in the clerking responsibilities outside of CYFYM business meeting sessions.

6.17.4 There was a long discussion over many aspects of the list of names brought forward and also of several procedures that we have within our meeting. It was brought before the meeting that there were concerns over a lack of clearness for CYFYM Nominating Committee process. In particular, concerns were put forward about the possibility of Nominating Committee members being nominated for upcoming positions and of a presiding CYFYM Clerk serving on Nominating Committee.

6.17.5 We were reminded that Quaker practice has been developed with spirituality and within a worshipful setting. In order to provide Nominating Committee as well as all members serving the upcoming CYFYM 2007 with procedural guidelines to help them best carry out their business we re-affirm minute 05.23 of last year’s minutes that each member serving next year prepare a binder of information and that this binder include position guidelines, procedure information and information about previous difficulties and how they were resolved. To allow for growth within our Young Friends community we would like to have these binders available for all Young Friends to review and learn from during all CYFYM sessions.

6.17.6 Peter Stevenson has volunteered to serve as support for those members who will be preparing the binders. The meeting approved the Peter Stevenson be a part of this process and re-affirmed that these binders be put together for CYFYM meetings in future and as an ongoing process.

6.17.7 Meeting approved the appointment of Peter Stevenson as an additional member of nominating committee and Peter Earley felt led to withdraw his name from both this and next year’s Nominating Committee lists. Friend Earley felt that this would help affirm minute 6.17.4, and aid in healing the uncomfortable feelings the meeting expressed in regard to a possible conflict of interest.

6.17.8 Nominations will be approved in our follow-up meeting tomorrow and nominating committee will continue to discern over the names to be nominated for next year.

6.17.9 The Treasury Report was presented by Marika Haspeck. The Young Friends Fund as of August 15, 2006 was $4010.57. There are still travel costs to be claimed by WGYF participants in attendance this year and a new total will be available for tomorrow’s meeting.

6.17.10 Meeting closed with a few moments of worship.

Friday August 18, 2006

In attendance: Reykia Fick, Peter Earley (Co-Clerks), Marika Haspeck (Interim Recording Clerk), Christopher Barfitt, Kelly Ackerman, Peter Stevenson, Alan Tatro, Galen Fick, Jonathan Trofymow, Rachael Singleton-Polster, Jessica Klaassen-Wright, Steven Dewar-Turcotte, Elen Cheatly, Maggie Knight, Kim Powers.

06.18.1 Opening Worship

06.18.2 Minutes of last night’s business meeting were presented and approved with a small revision to the total of the Young Friends Fund.

06.18.3 Peter Stevenson presented the names from Nominating Committee. The names were approved as follows:

Incoming Clerk – Kelly Ackerman

Recording Clerk – Marika Haspeck

Nominating Committee – Reykia Fick, Rachael Singleton-Polster, Jonathan Trofymow.

Treasurer – Chris Barfitt

Sporadical – Rachael Singleton-Polster, Maggie Knight

CFSC Representative – Steven Dewar-Turcotte

Programme Committee – Jessica Klaassen-Wright, Rachael Singleton-Polster

Religious Education – Elen Cheatly


Mentoring Clerks – Gail Wills, Marilyn Manzer

Listeners – Kelly Ackerman, Rachael Singleton-Polster

06.18.4 It was the general feeling of the meeting that we should include in our Nominating Committee binder a procedure to communicate with care, to involved Friends, any changes made from the initial reading of the nominations list, to the final presented list of names.

06.18.5 We believe that Maggie Knight has proven her leading and her ability to serve both CYFYM and our greater community. It is our recommendation that after completing her service with Camp NeeKauNis Committee next CYFYM session, Maggie Knight be deeply considered as a nomination for the CFSC Representative position.

06.18.6 We as a meeting have approved the appointment of both Programme Committee Representatives given that at least one of these people is in attendance at each of the Programme Committee meetings. The named representatives have agreed to split the Programme Committee funding for travel.

06.18.7 We had a brief break to allow for clearness of mind, spirit, and body.

06.18.8 In the interest of time we accept the adoption of the sexual harassment guidelines as a working document, and move to have a volunteer to work on addition to this document throughout the year and bring for some recommendations to CYFYM 2007 for consideration. Alan Tatro and Elen Cheatly have volunteered to do this and were approved to do so.

06.18.9 Galen Fick brought forward a proposal for the allocation of the remaining WGYF funds, which was read to the meeting. This proposal is attached. There was a great interest within the group that we begin fostering connections with Friends in Guatemala, and that the funds remaining from the WGYF fundraising be set aside to be used in our mission with this initiative. The meeting approved that this initiative and the allocation of funds be a goal for our meeting in the coming year. Galen Fick volunteered to be a main contact person to carry this forward and was approved by the meeting.

06.18.10 Funding was approved for Maggie $700, Kelly $450, and Marika $450.

06.18.11 Once an understanding of the complete financial outlook of CYFYM and WGYF funds was raised, the meeting came to agreement the CYFYM would allocate an additional $250 to the remaining WGYF fund to bring it to a total $1000. This fund will from this point be recognised as the Puentes de Amor Fund (Bridges of Love).

06.18.12 Friends approved funds for spiritual pizza to feed the soul and drinks for the party on the final evening of CYM Session.

06.18.13 Friends approved a feedback system for Young Friends currently serving on committees outside of CYFYM. Those Friends will write an annual report, which will be submitted both to the clerk of CYFYM and to the editors of the Sporadical.

06.18.14 SPG Lecture – The meeting decided that the feasibility of Young Friends hosting the SPG Lecture in 2008 didn’t exist. However, we expressed interest in doing it in 2009, and formed an adhoc committee for the purpose consisting of Marika Haspeck, Maggie Knight, Alan Tatro, Steven Dewar-Turcotte, Jessica Klaassen-Wright, and Peter Earley. The meeting approved these names.

CYFYM Minutes 2014

Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting 2014 Minutes

Monday, August 11, 9-10.

In attendance: Maggie Knight (YAF clerk), Rachel Urban Shipley (associate recording clerk), David Summerhays, Annie Takaro, Thea Walmsley, Shaun Bartoo, Stephen von Schulmann, Misia Robins.

  1. Opening worship: The meeting opened with silent worship. The clerk read number 16 from advices and queries: “Do you welcome the diversity of culture, language and expressions of faith in our yearly meeting and in the world community of Friends? Seek to increase your understanding and to gain from this rich heritage and wide range of spiritual insights. Uphold your own and other yearly meetings in your prayers.”
  2. Introduction to Meeting for Worship for Business: We began with a brief orientation on Quaker business process, followed by a round of introductions.
  3. Overview of this week’s major business/review of the agenda: We reviewed the agenda for the week.
  4. Naming from the floor: Misia Robins, Stephen von Shulmann, and Shaun Bartoo will write the epistle. The decision was made by seating arrangement, in true Quaker process.
  5. Nominations: We heard a report from Nominating Committee, which will be attached. In the report, the concern was raised that, although Nominating Committee has the responsibility to check in with Young Friends and Young Adult Friends serving on Canadian Yearly Meeting committees, there is no clear structure for supporting these Friends if they are not comfortable in their CYM positions. We discussed potential structures for Nominating Committee, discussing the appropriate size of this committee and whether the committee should continue through the year, as is the current practice, or whether it should simply be formed during the week of CYM. We agreed to take some time to consider these ideas and will reopen the discussion in Tuesday’s business meeting.
  6. Fruit break: we celebrated the diversity of peeling and eating techniques for bananas. We anticipate a Family Night act rising out of this important piece of business.
  7. Report from the Clerks: Maggie Knight reported on behalf of the clerks. The report will be attached.
  8. Closing Worship: We closed with silent worship.

Tuesday, August 12

  1. Opening worship: We opened with silent worship. The clerk read Advices and Queries #13: “do not assume that vocal ministry is never to be your part. Faithfulness and sincerity in speaking, even very briefly, may open the way to fuller ministry from others. When prompted to speak, wait patiently to know that the leading and the time are right, but do not let a sense of your own unworthiness hold you back. Pray that your ministry may arise from deep experience, and trust that words will be given to you. Try to speak audibly and distinctly, and with sensitivity to the needs of others. Beware of speaking predictably or too often, and of making additions towards the end of a meeting when it was well left before.”
  2. Reports from committees: we heard reports from a listener, the webminder, and YAFs currently serving on CFSC. These reports will be attached.
  3. Nominating Committee structure and form, part II: Friends approve the idea of appointing additional Friends to Nominating Committee to serve during the week of Canadian Yearly Meeting, should members of Nominating Committee be unable to attend. Friends decided that it would be appropriate to appoint two members to Continuing Nominating Committee, with two alternates appointed to replace them if these committee members need to lay down their service. We task the Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting clerks to stay in contact with Nominating Committee throughout the year to discern whether they wish the alternates to step in.
  4. Support for Friends struggling with their service: Nominating Committee raised the question of what is the appropriate response if, during check ins with Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting-appointed Young Friends and Young Adult Friends serving on Canadian Yearly Meeting committees, these Friends say that they are not, in fact, comfortable in their roles. The meeting felt that, should this situation arise, Nominating Committee should consult with the clerks of Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting, as well as the clerk of the committee on which the Young Friend or Young Adult Friend is serving (if appropriate). Additional resources could be Canadian Yearly Meeting Nominating Committee and Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting listeners.
  5. Guidelines for Young Friend and Young Adult Friend events: the clerk spoke to the challenges faced in organizing gatherings given that we lack a clear set of guidelines to help us fulfill our legal responsibilities and help us act in the spirit of the Safe Nurture of Children in Our Care policy. We also discussed whether we wish to have guidelines about more general norms that should be part of Young Friend and Young Adult Friend gatherings. We spoke of the typical practice at Young Friend and Young Adult Friend gatherings of creating group guidelines at the opening of the gathering, and affirmed our appreciation for this practice. We suggest that this could be accommodated by having a list of topics facilitators may wish to nudge the group to consider in this group guideline process. We ask the Youth Subcommittee of Education and Outreach to carry this work forward in close consultation with Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting.
  6. Threshing Session: How do we foster connections and community amongst Young Friends and Young Adult Friends through the means and resources we currently have?: We held a productive threshing session, generating ideas of how to foster a close community across distances with our limited means. Many of the ideas generated involved using social media and internet video calling to hold activities and discussions throughout the year. We also discussed ways of promoting youth attendance at gatherings. The notes are attached and will be provided to the Youth Subcommittee of Education and Outreach.
  7. Closing Worship: We closed with silent worship.

Friday, August 15

  1. We opened with overdue merriment followed by gathered worship.
  2. Inquiry and Healing – CMMC: We heard an update from the clerk on the status of the Inquiry and Healing process being organized by Continuing Meeting of Ministry and Council. The clerks will ensure that relevant information on this is passed on to Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting.
  3. Nominations: Annie Takaro reported on behalf of Nominating Committee. We approved the following names.

Young Adult Friend clerk: Christina Tellez

Nominating Committee: Misia Robins

Listener: Isaac Klaassen-Wright

Education and Outreach: TBA.

Sporadical editors: Shaun Bartoo and Thea Walmsley

Co-recording clerk: Jonah Egan-Pimblett

We ask the Nominating Committee to continue discerning names for Education & Outreach Committee.

  1. Memorial minute for Isaac Miller: We spent some time in worship sharing to celebrate the life of Isaac Miller, who died this winter. Friends shared their appreciation for Isaac’s energy and vitality when he gathered with us last year as part of the Youth Challenge. We feel this loss on our hearts. We hold his family and New Brunswick Friends in the Light.
  2. Minutes of appreciation: We thank the following Friends for their service to Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting: Keith Barber for organizing Youth Programme and attending to our needs with great enthusiasm; Cate Friesen for the thoughtfully-curated and abundant snacks, as well as her organizational expertise; Caroline Balderston-Parry and Richard Reed Parry for inviting us to participate in the Arcade Fire concert (!!!!!!); and Bill Curry and Dale Dewar for their always-excellent sex talk.
  3. Closing worship: we closed with silent worship.

Unofficial gleanings from the Epistle Committee:

“We have kind of a mental draft.”

“Yeah, we can improvise.”

“I mean, we’ve been here all week.”

“I think the Holy Spirit is just silly this evening.”

Attached reports:

Young Adult Friend Clerk’s Report

It’s been another busy year, although quite different from the previous year. 

Some of the work undertaken this year has been:

  • Follow up administration and support for the 2013 Youth Challenge – including helping YFs and YAFs get reimbursed for their costs, coordinating with the CYM office, sending reminders to evaluation forms, and writing and presenting a report to Representative Meeting.
  • Attending Fall Representative Meeting with YF Clerk Angelica Dixon in Ottawa
  • Attending Spring Representative Meeting in Toronto
  • Participating in CYM Finance Committee meetings
  • Working with Education & Outreach Committee and the Trustees to get access to funds left over from last year’s Youth Challenge for CYM 2014 and 2015.
  • Working with a subcommittee of Education & Outreach to transfer administration of Youth Challenge funding for CYM 2014 – thanks Brent and Christina!
  • Coordination with Programme Committee re scheduling and logistics for CYM 2014.
  • Periodic communications stuff – posting to the CYFYM website and Facebook group and sending out a couple of emails to the YF/YAF contact list.

In the aftermath of the Youth Secretary’s resignation and report to CYM 2013, there was increased work load from Friends coming to CYFYM clerks where they used to go to the Youth Secretary. This was at times helpful and at others frustrating and burdensome. While there is much enthusiasm for supporting YFs and YAFs amongst Canadian Friends, there is not always a deep understanding of how best to do this.

Nominating Committee report

Dear Friends,

Two years ago in CYFYM business meeting we decided to re-create a YF Nominating Committee which would serve throughout the year not only during CYM in session. This new Nominating Committee was given the task of checking in with all of our YF/YAF representatives to other Canadian Quaker bodies. In May I sent emails to our representatives on CFSC, E & O, Publications Com, Records Com, and Programme Com asking how their work went and if they felt supported by their committees. I received replies from Christina Tellez (E & O), Lucy Miller (Programme Com) and Nat Egan-Pimblett (Pub Com). All three are content in their work and feel that they have enough support from their committees. I enjoyed doing the check-ins because it gave me a good reason to connect with other Friends and hear briefly about their well-being. I realized while sending out these check-ins that we have no system in place to support YF/YAFs who are struggling or unhappy with their committee work. If one of the Friends I contacted reported negatively, would I be expected to help alleviate the negative situation? What body could I go to for more support? Other Nom Com members? CYFYM Clerks? Is it Nom Com’s job to facilitate communication and healing between YF/YAFs and their CYM committees? These are questions that I’m not sure have definite answers, especially with the limited infrastructure of CYFYM.

Nom Com was also asked to report on continuation of our committee throughout the year. As always, our main difficulty was staying connected during the year. I had good response from some Nom Com members and limited or no response from others about the check-ins and the preliminary nominations before CYM. I can think of three possible options for moving forward. 1) We continue on as we have for the last 2 years with committee members active for 2 full years, 2) we go back to the way things were before that when Nom Com was named from the floor of CYM and was laid down at the rise of the meeting or until all necessary positions were filled, 3) a combination of the two. Nom Com can consist of less members during the year (maybe 2, one Eastern and one Western Friend, if possible). These two will deal with check-ins and any arising nominations during the year. A couple more members can be named from the floor of business meeting to assist with the larger nomination rush during CYM and lay down their position at the end of the week. The newly named members can still work with full-time members to carry out nominations during CYM even if these full-time members cannot attend gathering (power of the internet!) Hopefully you all can discuss my ideas in business meeting. That’s all for now.

Light, Jessica K-W

Webminder’s Report

Nat Egan-Pimblett

Despite having served as CYFYM’s webminder for 12 months, there’s relatively little to report. My activity has been mainly posting things to the CYFYM blog and some light maintenance to do with the CYFYM email accounts. Bruce Dienes has been very helpful, engaging, and patient in getting me up to speed on the ins and outs of technical side of things. However, Young Friends seem to be doing at least as much business on sites like Facebook as on our own infrastructure.

In addition to keeping up our blog, I also served on Publications and Communications Committee (PubCom) in the same period. We met once in person in Toronto, and convened a few times via conference call and email. This committee’s work is divided between CYM’s website (and the associated forums where other committees can pursue their business) and CYM’s publications. This year we hired a new web-editor, and have discussed possibilities for the future of the Canadian Friend (the committee’s major publication) existing online as well as in print. I invite any Young Friends interested in what we’re doing online to get in touch with me for more details.

In Friendship,


Listener’s report


No one contacted me this year, and so, not a whole lot to say, I suppose.

I’m missing the CYM crew this year – send my regards and hugs and stuff to everyone.



CFSC Report

Rachel Urban Shipley and Maggie Knight, who are both serving on the board of Canadian Friends Service Committee, reported in the absence of Stephen Robins, the Young Friend representative to the board. These Friends gave a brief overview of the overall structure of Canadian Friends Service Committee, including the subcommittees, and then gave updates on their activities through the year. Most salient were the trips: Maggie went to Elsipogtog, New Brunswick on behalf of the Quaker Indigenous Rights Committee to bear witness shortly after the RCMP acted violently towards the Indigenous-led anti-fracking protests there, while Rachel attended a Restorative Justice conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to represent Quakers Fostering Justice.

CYFYM Minutes 2015

Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting Minutes 2015

August 17, 2015

Present: Christina Tellez (co-clerk), Jessica Klaassen-Wright, Rachel Singleton-Polster, Ben Urban Shipley, Mylene DiPenta, Matthew Webb, Misia Robins, David Raymond, Zaley Warkentin, David Summerhays, Rachel Urban Shipley (co-recording clerk), Jonah Egan-Pimblett (co-recording clerk).

Regrets: Angelica Dixon (co-clerk), Stephen Robins.

2015.08. 17. 1 Opening Worship                                                                                                                           We opened with silent worship. The clerk read from the Canadian Yearly Meeting of The Religious Society of Friends Advices and Queries:

Do not assume that vocal ministry is never to be your part. Faithfulness and sincerity in speaking even very briefly, may open the way to fuller ministry from others. When prompted to speak, wait patiently to know that the leading and the time are right, but do not let a sense of your own unworthiness hold you back. Pray that your ministry may arise from deep experience, and trust that words will be given to you. Try to speak audibly and distinctly and with sensitivity to the needs of others. Beware of speaking predictably or too often, and of making additions towards the end of a meeting when it was well left before.

2015.08.17.02 Introductions and agenda review

After rising from the silence, we did a round of introductions. The clerk then gave an introduction to the practice of Meeting for Worship for Business and reviewed the agenda.

2015.08.17.02 Report from the YAF clerk

The YAF clerk reported on her activities for the year, including attendance at Representative Meeting in the fall and Finance Committee meeting in the spring. Representative Meeting in the fall made the difficult decision to not hold Yearly Meeting in 2017, and Spring’s Finance Committee meeting discussed further CYM’s financial difficulties. Christina also attended a conflict resolution workshop in Maine. The YAF clerk noted that tomorrow morning there will be an Extended Meeting for Worship on the future of Quakerism in Canada and invited us to attend.

2015.08.17.03 Naming from the floor

We named positions from the floor: CYFYM epistle committee (Ben Urban Shipley and Misia Robins); a representative to the CYM epistle committee (Rachel Urban Shipley); and a reapresentative to the correspondence committee (Matthew Webb).

2015.08.17.04 Nominations

Misia Robins from Nominating Committee brought forward the names of David Summerhays and Carol Leigh Weighking as listeners for the week. We approved these names. Misia reviewed CYFYM’s positions and introduced the list of open positions: Young Friend clerk, co-recording clerk, two nominating committee members, Education and Outreach representative, webminder/Publications and Communications representative, Canadian Friends Service Committee representative, Program Committee representative, and Records Committee representative.

2015.08.17. 05 Gathering in 2017 (Result of Threshing Session)

CYFYM would like to move forward with the idea of holding a YF YAF retreat at Camp NeeKauNis in 2017. This gathering would likely start on the Thursday or Friday before FGC (which starts on a Sunday), and youth would be invited to travel to FGC together. To carry this idea forward, we have formed an ad hoc committee, consisting of Rachel Singleton-Polster (representing CFSC), Jessica Klaassen-Wright (representing Education and Outreach and FGC), Misia Robins (representing NeeKauNis), the YF-YAF co-clerks, David Summerhays (representing the Food Co-op), and the Young Friend Program Committee Representative. We welcome and rely on the support of CYM committees to help with the logistical and financial details of this retreat and attendance at FGC. 

2015.08.17. 06 We closed with worship


August 20, 2015

Present: Christina Tellez (co-clerk), Jessica Klaassen-Wright, Ben Urban Shipley, Peter Stevenson, Misia Robins, David Summerhays, Rachel Urban Shipley (co-recording clerk), Jonah Egan-Pimblett (co-recording clerk).

2015.08.20.01 Opening Worship

2015.08.20.02 Agenda Review

2015.08.20.03 Report back from August 20, 2015 CYM MFWFB 

Christina Tellez recounted her experience of what happened this morning at CYM MFWFB regarding CYFYM’s minute for their proposed 2017 gathering. It was received with enthusiasm. CYM has committed their support for this gathering. Representative meeting will meet nearby to foster a sense of community among Canadian Friends.

2015.08.20.04 Reports

No reports have been handed in, but will be shared online and included in the minutes at a later date.

2015.08.20.05 Proposed change to Sporadical

We ask the current Sporadical Editors to shift their presence towards an online blog. We explored the pros and cons to this new format. We have been in communication with the current Sporadical Editors, and have ensured lines of support for a smooth transition. Jessica Klaassen-Wright has offered to support them in her capacity as E&O committee member. The Clerks will also direct them to Publications and Communications Committee for support. 

2015.08.20.06 Nominations

Misia Robins brought names to the floor for the following positions. These names were approved. The current Nominating Committee will continue to discern regarding the position of YF clerk, and will bring a suggestions to the clerks. 

Nominations Committee – Daniel von Schulmann Van Island MM

Listener – David Summerhays Montreal MM

E&O – Vale Abbott Limbo

Program committee – Jonah Egan-Pimblett Saskatoon MM

YF Clerk – ~

Co-recording Clerk – Thomasin Cooper (Subject To Consent)

Archives Committee – Adrian ?-? (Subject To Consent)

PubCom – Shaun Bartoo (Subject To Consent)

CFSC Rep – Rosie Coots (Subject To Consent)

2015.08.20.07 FWCC World Plenary in Peru

Christina Tellez’s name was brought forward as a representative to the FWCC gathering in Peru. Travel costs will be minimal due to her studying in Bolivia at the time, she feels the way has opened reinforcing her desire to attend this gathering. We ask Christina to report back to CYFYM and CYM on her return. We have allocated $500 in support for her travels. We ask CYM to appoint Christina as one of their delegates.

2015.08.20.08We closed with worship.

CYFYM Minutes 2016

Monday August 8, 2016

Present: Keighlagh Donovan (Edmonton), York Dudiak (Edmonton), Maggie Knight (Vancouver), David Raymond (Ottawa), Zaley Warkentin (Winnipeg), Jessica Klaassen-Wright (Saskatoon), Christina Tellez (Halifax), David Summerhays (Montreal)

  1. 08.08.1 Worship

We opened with worship

2016.08.08.2 Introductions and Agenda Review

The clerk gave an introduction to the purpose of a meeting for worship for business. We reviewed the agenda and did a round of introductions.

2016.08.08.2 Naming a recording clerk for this session

Many thanks to David Summerhays for offering to serve as the recording clerk of this session. 

2016.08.08.3 CYFYM at CYM

The clerk shared information of some CYM opportunities and activities that pertain to CYFYM: CYM agenda review committee has reached out to ask if any young friends would like to sit at the Clerk’s table during CYM Meetings for Worship for Business; young friends are encouraged to attend Tuesday’s CYM Business Meeting, which will be an extended meeting for worship following up on previous discussions on the future of CYM and introducing the question of what to do with an anonymous donation of $250, 000 that was given to CYM; Program Committee wanted to know if young friends would organize a dance party after the LGBTQ evening program.

2016.08.08.4 Naming a Nominations Committee and Epistle Committee

The clerk introduced the positions that CYFYM had traditionally filled on CYFYM and CYM committees that are currently vacant. Unfortunately no one from the CYFYM nominating committee was able to attend CYFYM this year. It is also tradition that CYFYM produce an epistle that can be shared with other young friends and other Meetings. One friend noted that in recent years these epistles have taken on different creative forms. Friends settled into silence to see if they feel led to serve either on the nominations or epistle committees. Maggie Knight offered to assist in making nominations. The clerk will work to make nominations. David Raymond offered to reach out to young friends in his Meeting in relation positions open for nomination. David Summerhays and David Raymond offered to work together to craft an epistle. Thank you to these friends. 

2016.08.08.5 Clerk’s Report

The YAF clerk reported on her activities throughout the year. One of these activities was her involvement in the Clerk’s Committee of CYM. This year was the first time a CYFYM clerk participated in the Committee of Clerks’ monthly meetings on a regular basis. The clerk reported that it was worthwhile to be part of these discussions, which built relationships and knowledge. The clerk was able to contribute the perspective of young friends at these meetings. One Friend noted that this was a good opportunity for leadership and development. If there is the capacity for this exchange in the future, then we hope that it will be continued. 

The clerk also reported on her attendance at the FWCC World Plenary in Peru from the 21-27th of January 2016. The clerk expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to attend the 2016 FWCC World Plenary, much of which was made possible by the contribution made by CYFYM. Please find the report on this attached.

The final item the clerk reported back on was the status of the 2017 Youth Gathering that was minuted in CYFYM’s 2015 minutes. The ad hoc committee continues to work on the programming and logistics of this gathering and is currently gathering information that will be helpful to this process. The committee is engaging with representative from various CYM committees who are able to assist with this work. The gathering will be held from June 29th-July 2nd 2017, at which point young friends will be encouraged to travel to FGC, which begins on July 2nd. 

2016.08.08.6 Future of CYFYM- Discussion Intro

The clerk and other friends introduced an important discussion 

2016.08.08.7 Closing Worship

CYFYM Discernment Session Report 2018

 CYFYM Discernment Session Report 2018

Young Friends and Young Adult Friends gathered for a two night Pre-Canadian Yearly Meeting Retreat at Camp NeeKauNis, and held a threshing session to discuss the work of the Regional Contacts over the past year, and how Young Friends were led to continue forward. We considered the query, “What do we get here that we don’t get anywhere else?” We met again Tuesday night for six hours of discernment, with three elders present to hold space for us.

After a two-year Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting hiatus, we feel a budding sense of new energy. Like a flower slowly emerging from the earth in the spring, we need time and a cooperative climate to grow. We feel clear that we should not overburden ourselves in ways that may stunt this fresh growth. We must not place rocks on top of the emerging shoots we hope will blossom.

As such, we have approved a structure that we feel will help us nurture this budding energy, to focus on fellowship and nurturing our spiritual community. We are aware that this means careful discernment as to what we take on, and that we will likely be asking members of the CYM community to hear “no”, at least as often as “yes”, if they approach us with requests for collaboration or input. We welcome ongoing questions and communication.

The structure we have approved is a committee of CYFYM representatives for 2018-2019 which focuses on facilitating fellowship and nourishing Spirit, and that can provide some ongoing structure between gatherings. We plan to discern whether this structure will continue to serve our needs at CYM 2019. We recognize that we are in a time of fostering new growth; our structures must support rather than impede us, and may grow or shrink with us as we discern ways forward in coming years.

We also felt a strong leading to gather again for a pre-CYM retreat in 2019, and have named a committee to organize it.

The following outlines the responsibilities of these CYFYM Representatives:


CYFYM Representatives – Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Publicizing and encouraging Young Friends (YFs, generally 13-19) and Young Adult Friends (YAFs, generally 19-35) to attend gatherings and other Quaker events and opportunities. This includes raising awareness of how to access funding or other supports.
  2. Celebrating and supporting, although not necessarily organizing, regional activities and fellowship; cultivating connection, excitement, and momentum.
  3. Collectively act in a role similar to that of the CYM Clerks’ Committee, in being able to respond to events, opportunities, etc. that arise between annual gatherings. The Representatives may wish to consult with the community of YF/YAFs mid-year (e.g. by electronic survey, videocall, etc) for significant decisions. The Representatives are asked to report on their activities at annual gatherings.
  4. Provide input to Canadian Yearly Meeting by:
    1. Maintaining connection to the CYM Secretary
    2. Ensuring at least one Representative is present at Representative Meeting (November 23-24, 2018 in Victoria, BC)
    3. When capacity allows, provide input to CYM bodies and Friends serving CYM when they request input from YF/YAFs. (While we welcome questions, there may be times when Representatives do not have capacity to respond, particularly in more complex requests. We ask all CYM bodies and Friends to respect and nurture our capacity to focus on the core of nurturing our spiritual community, and not to become over-busy in ways that may detract from that nurturing.)
  5. Maintain contact lists for YF/YAFs across Canada (drawing on support from CYM staff and committees as available and helpful).
  6. Receive and respond to correspondence from outside bodies (e.g. other Yearly Meetings, groups of YF/YAFs around the world, etc).
  7. Name a session clerk for CYFYM in Session (held during CYM in Session).

It is currently anticipated that Representatives will need to commit to a minimum of 5-10 hours per month to this service and to a 1-hour phone call or videoconference each month. Additionally, at least one face to face meeting will be required during the year. 

We approved the following Friends to serve as CYFYM Representatives for 2018-2019:

  • Zaley Warkentin (Winnipeg MM)
  • Wesley Weima (Thousand Islands MM)
  • Alex Wickenheiser (Edmonton MM) 

Representatives are encouraged to identify additional YF/YAFs to act as contact people, particularly in regions where the approved Representatives have fewer connections. We have already identified the following Friends as potential contact people: David Summerhays (Montreal MM); Rebecca Wolf Gage (Vancouver Island MM); Daniel von Schulmann (Vancouver Island MM); Rosie Coutts (Toronto MM / Manitoulin WG). We continue to hope that Friends will suggest names of potential contact people in the Atlantic provinces, where YF/YAFs gathered this week have fewer current connections. We hope that the creation of Atlantic Half-Yearly Meeting may bear fruit in the form of more engagement of Young Friends and Young Adult Friends in the region.

Pre-CYM YF/YAF Gathering 2019

We have identified an organizing committee of Jackie Bonner (Calgary MM), Zaley Warkentin (Winnipeg MM), Evelyne Russell (Toronto MM), Harmony Morris (Lethbridge WG / Calgary MM), and Greg Allan (Winnipeg MM; STC) to arrange a three-day gathering for YFs and YAFs prior to CYM in Winnipeg, 2019. Megan Shaw (Toronto MM) is also able to assist for the month of July 2019. The organizers will work with Program Committee to foster a smooth and welcoming transition between Pre-CYM YF/YAF Gathering and CYM. We ask that if the organizers require assistance beyond the capacity of the CYM Secretary, that they ask CYM Education & Outreach Committee and the CYM Secretary to work with them to hire paid capacity to assist in carrying forward that work. We suggest that any such paid capacity be supported by, and report to, the CYM Secretary, with significant collaboration and direction from the Pre-CYM Gathering organizing committee.

Ministry of Starting Small

In seeking not to over-burden ourselves, we discerned excitement for fostering and celebrating small acts of fellowship and nurturing our spiritual community. We want to share the joy of times when two or more Young Friends / Young Adult Friends are gathered together – be that for worship sharing, board games, camping trips, potlucks, or visitation when our lives take us on the road. We celebrate the deeply gathered Spirit that comes when we nurture fellowship. We know that these small activities help us welcome Spirit into our midst.

Funding and Support 

We ask that CYM support Young Friends and Young Adult Friends in 2018 through existing, approved Education & Outreach funds. We also ask that support be given through future additional funds, so that:

1) There is travel funding available to support the attendance of CYFYM Representative(s) at Representative Meeting 2018 and to have one face-to-face meeting of the three CYFYM Representative(s);

2) There is funding to host and organize a pre-CYM 2019 YF/YAF Gathering in Winnipeg and travel funding to assist YF/YAFs to attend;

3) If discerned necessary by the organizing committee, in consultation with the CYM Secretary, that there is funding for additional paid capacity to assist with logistics and coordination for the pre-CYM YF/YAF Gathering.

We ask that the CYM Secretary be tasked with working with the CYFYM Representatives and the Pre-CYM YF/YAF Gathering Committee to access and apply for necessary funds.

Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting Epistle 2016

Building Hype

* Meme Epistle 2016