Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting Epistle 2023

Loving Greetings to Friends Everywhere,
Our meeting feels hopeful, continuing the tradition of our Yearly Meeting, we are both starting
afresh and growing in faithfulness. There are many challenges in choosing to be a community, it
is difficult, but the reward is ultimately worth it. This we affirm each time we gather.
We are overjoyed for the new faces within our Yearly Meeting and have so much love for those
returning. We recognise the voice of The Spirit in our newest members and they enrich the life
of our meeting. We believe the Friends that surround us carry gifts sorely needed to do the work
of God in our Meetings and in this world.
As we wait, silently and expectantly, the Inward Teacher is available to all who listen, and when
we listen together, we experience true holiness and wholeness. We are grateful to God for the
space to practice faithful discernment as a community of Young Friends. This grounding blesses
us to bring forward this gift to our Monthly Meetings, Half-Yearly Meetings, and to our Sister
Yearly Meeting.
We discerned a unique call. We affirm our business as Friends is practiced with greatest
integrity when we gather in person. Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting will gather again in
person next year. Having clearness on the service needs of our Yearly Meeting requires
additional discernment before our next Yearly Meeting session. As such we call an online
business meeting at 1 pm Pacific Time on the 5th of Eleventh Month, 2023. For this Meeting,
where possible, we encourage Young Friends in common localities to gather in person to
connect to the meeting.
As we rise from Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting, we hold we are never alone. We carry
the witness of our community. God is with us, and if we are careful to listen, always speaking.
Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting
13th of Seventh Month, 2023