CYFYM Representatives Report 2023

CYFYM Representatives Report 

Meeting for Worship for Business, Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting 

5th of Eleventh Month 2023 

“We believe the Friends that surround us carry gifts sorely needed to do the work of God in our Meetings and in this world. As we wait, silently and expectantly, the Inward Teacher is available to all who listen, and when we listen together, we experience true holiness and wholeness. We are grateful to God for the space to practice faithful discernment as a community of Young Friends.” (CYFYM Epistle, 2023) 

Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting has discerned a leading to be faithfully and joyfully present in the life of Canadian Yearly Meeting. The Meeting names CYFYM Representatives to help the meeting follow this leading. Reps participate in CYM Business Meetings and CYM Representative Meetings. Reps perform administrative tasks, including responding to correspondence from CYM, maintaining the website, mailing list, and Facebook page. Reps make an effort to reach out to other Quaker bodies when traveling, as well as through maintaining communication and facilitating the sharing of epistles and testimonies. Does CYFYM continue to discern a leading to be present with CYM in these ways? 

Reps are available as a resource for young and young adult Friends with questions, leadings, and concerns. Is this a resource that continues to be useful to Friends of CYFYM? 

When CYFYM ended its Hiatus in 2018, we discerned to only do as we are led. “We recognize that we are in a time of fostering new growth; our structures must support rather than impede us, and may grow or shrink with us as we discern ways forward in coming years.” (CYFYM Discernment Session Report, 2018). How are we led to be faithful as a community now? What are our needs as a faith community? 

The responsibilities of CYFYM Reps can be summarized into two major categories: administration and public ministry. These two components are not entirely separate but do require different competencies and gifts which are not always present together. 

The current CYFYM Reps are Steve Ginley, Zaley Warkentin, and Wesley Weima. Zaley and Wesley were named to the position which became the role of Representatives at the Young Friends Gathering at Camp NeeKauNis in 2017 and were officially named to this role when CYFYM ended its hiatus in 2018 while gathered at Camp NeeKauNis and Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario. Steve was named in 2019. Reps are not named to terms that last a certain number of years. Each of the Reps submits to CYFYM’s discernment of who should serve in this ministry if it is to continue in the same form. If this position still serves the needs of CYFYM, we recommend new Reps be named in this meeting to maintain continuity between the current Reps and new Reps before the current Reps age out of CYFYM. 

As part of our work as Reps, Wesley and Zaley were named to serve on Canadian Yearly Meeting’s Change and Sustainable Transformation working group by CYM Clerks and Nominations Committee. Although we did our best to faithfully serve in this capacity, we did not feel heard. Wesley was led to lay down involvement with CAST in 2021. Zaley stopped attending meetings for the last 6 months of CAST, but did attend its final meeting.

The Reps do not attend every CYM Business Meeting. Prior to the Pandemic, CYM business was exclusively in person. Post Pandemic, the increased frequency of business meetings and their dispersed nature make it untenable and spiritually difficult to attend CYM Business online. 

We believe that we represent CYFYM faithfully by speaking, and not speaking, with discipline when we are able to participate in CYM business.