Regional Contact Report from Representative Meeting, Spring 2018

Dear Young Friends,

We, the Young Friends Regional Contacts, met twice this winter in Ottawa. Over the course of these weekends we engaged in conversations to clarify our roles as contacts, developed a communication strategy for the immediate future, and laid the groundwork for Young Friends events in 2018.

As contacts, our roles for the time being are the following:

  • Keeping channels of communication open between Young Friends and CYM
  • Facilitating an open conversation regarding how Young Friends want to function as a body and within CYM at CYM 2018 in Barrie
  • Reporting back on our business to Canadian Young Friends and the wider CYM community
  • Receiving and disseminating information relevant to Young Friends

Much of our role involves keeping Young Friends informed with the greater goings on of the CYM community, and receiving, considering, and acting on concerns of Young Friends. As such, our communications strategy is an essential part of our work. We have determined the following channels of communication:

  • Creating a contact list of Young Friends
  • Renewing the page
  • Posting to the various Young Friend facebook groups

We recognize that electronic correspondence only gets us so far and encourage all Young Friends to connect and help keep each other informed.

Planning has begun for another Young Friends gathering at Camp NeeKauNis from the 2nd to the 4th of August to coincide with the beginning of CYM 2018. Young Friends from the age of 13 to 35 are encouraged to come out and enjoy a couple days together before heading as a group to CYM in Barrie. The planning committee for the gathering is Angelica Dixon, Daniel von Schulmann, and Rebecca Ivanoff. Anyone feeling led to help with the planning for the gathering should contact a member of the committee.

Young Friends Contacts have felt led to offer our support to the CYM Teen Program facilitator to foster the inclusion of teenage Young Friends in the conversations and empower them to participate in the greater body of CYM. Other Young Adult Friends are encouraged to be a part of this initiative if they feel so led.

With the closing of Quaker Book Service, Young Friends Contacts felt led to take on the care and distribution of the remaining 50 copies of Christian faith and practice in the experience of the Society of Friends published by London Yearly Meeting in 1960, last reprinted in 1988.  If anyone is interested in a copy of this Friends’ classic, or has suggestions as to how this resource should be managed, please e-mail .

This has been a season full of joys and hard work. The Contacts would like to thank; David Raymond and Lillia Fick for their hospitality and thoughtful contributions over the course of the weekend; Angelica Dixon and Rebecca Ivanoff, for their continuing work on the 2018 Pre-CYM Gathering; Education and Outreach, for their unwavering support both spiritually and financially; and Cameron Fraser, who’s facilitation and support has been invaluable to us in our work and discernment as Youth Contacts.

We look forward to continuing work from our many regions, and hope to see many of you this summer.

If you would like to stay in touch, please sign up for our e-mailing list here.

Best Regards,

Young Friends Regional Contacts:

Daniel von Schulmann: British Columbia

David Summerhays: Quebec

Wesley Weima: Ontario

Zaley Warkentin: Prairies and the North