General Information

An Invitation from Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting (CYFYM)
If you are a Friend aged 13-35 in Canada, you are invited to join CYFYM’s Meeting for Worship With Attention to Business on the 5th of Eleventh Month (November 5th, 2023) at 1PM PST/2PM MST/3PM CST/4PM EST/5PM AST/5:30PM NST.
As a Young Friend in Canada, CYFYM is your meeting. At our business meetings, you are welcomed into Quaker process, and you help discern the path forward for CYFYM.
CYFYM encourages Young Friends to gather in small, local groups to connect to this meeting. If you know other Young Friends in your area, reach out to them and see how many can join you at your home, your meeting house, or some other quiet location. We ask Clerks, parents, and other seasoned Friends to help connect Young Friends in their meetings and provide space for this to happen. You can also send an email to  expressing interest in gathering, and we will connect as many Friends as we can.
An agenda will be circulated closer to November 5th. If you have items for the agenda, please send them to .
If you have any questions about the Meeting for Worship With Attention to Business on November 5th, or about CYFYM generally, please send them to 
In Friendship,
Stephen Ginley, CYFYM Representative
Zaley Warkentin, CYFYM Representative
Wesley Weima, CYFYM Representative
Caileigh Morrison, CYFYM Session Clerk