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CYFYM Minutes 2008

Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting Minutes 2008

August 11-14

Augustana College, Camrose, Alberta


We Opened with worship


Steven Dewar-Turcotte stepped in for recording clerk.


Canadian Yearly Meeting’s Home Mission and Advancement Committee (HMAC) requested for a Young Friend/Young Adult Friend to go for a three-year term, instead of the previous one-year term. Marika Haspeck, our current representative, has said that she would go for the next two years if we decide to approve this. Some Friends thought that having a back up representative would be helpful, but the concern was raised that it may be hard to get enough young Friends to nominate two in one year. A Friend raised the idea to stagger the two representatives so as the senior representative could help the junior representative. It was also suggested that we could let Marika finish the last two years, and then she could tell us her thoughts about how we should proceed. A Friend asked if we could also ask HMAC how they felt about having two Young Friends. We approved for Mairka to continue her term, and to talk to HMAC about having two Young Friends, then report back to us and we can decide then.


The clerk asked Friends who felt led to serve in a position to bring their names forward to the nominating committee, and also to recommend others. A Young Friend asked for the different roles to be explained, and clerk Kelly Ackerman read the positions, and explained what each position is. A Friend asked about nominating Friends who were not present at the current CYM, and the clerk stated that as long as the nominated Friend was given ample time to decide on whether to take the role. It was mentioned that anyone can be nominated, but it’s the nominating committee’s job to make the final nominating decisions.


We received a request from Katrina McQuail asking for funds for her travel between her home in Ontario and Johnstown, Pennsylvania for Young Friends’ business at the Friends General Conference gathering. She did not specify the funds needed, so a Friend asked if we could ask her for these numbers, while we also check the treasure’s report, and then make our decision.


The clerk asked for Friends who had other business to come talk to him by tomorrow and we will have another business meeting tomorrow if needed. A Friend stated that the Agenda Committee is inviting a young Friend to join their meetings. Also, it was stated that if a young Friend wanted, they could sit with the clerks during business meeting to learn more about it. Friends were asked to volunteer to write the epistle if they feel led to do so.


We closed with worship.


Our meeting opened with worship


Katharine Carmichael came to speak to us about peace work, including counter recruitment. She wonders if we could start some counter recruitment projects. We decided that anyone who wanted to participate was to talk to Katharine.


Marika Haspeck gave us her thoughts on having a staggered 3-year term for a young Friend serving on HMAC, and also told us how HMAC felt about it. She will bring more information next year.


We received more information from Katrina McQuail, including where she went, and how much money she was requesting (see 05-11-08-08). In total she is requesting $300-$350 for her travels. We do not have the treasure’s report yet, but we approved for $350 subject to funds available.


Rachel Urban-Shipley, Jonathan Trofymow, and Marika Haspeck were approved to serve on the epistle committee. Different ideas were raised so we can have the epistle approved by the group, and we decided that we would like the epistle done for Friday at 6:00pm for review.


A Friend asked for a report from the web-minder about the Young Friends Website. There is a need to better define the web-minder’s position, and there is also a need to fill this position with a new member this year. We could ask nominating committee to find a new person this year, and next year the new member will check in as to what they think this position should be in future.


A concern was brought to our attention that for many positions, we don’t know what has been going on, and that many people don’t know what their positions are and what they are accountable for. This has been an ongoing problem. Our idea was that if we made the nominees sign a sort of “contract” stating what they should be doing, the person nominated would have a reminder to do their job. Marika has said that she will be willing to take steps towards finding strategies for a resolution to this issue. We are encouraging other Friends to join Marika. She will report back during Thursday’s business meeting, along with anyone who decided to help her.


We ended with closing worship.


Steven Dewar-Turcotte stepped aside as recording clerk and was replaced by Max Garver.


We opened with opening worship.


We send our nomination of Kelly Ackerman for Camp NeeKauNis Committee to CYM’s nominating committee. We recognise that as we are not a Monthly Meeting, this is not a regular practice. We leave further discernment of this issue to CYM’s nominating committee. We also will send a letter of support, which will be up for approval on Friday, for Kelly to the nominating committee and camp committee.


We would like to reconsider the term length of the nominating committee at next year’s CYFYM.


We approve all the following positions:

Young Adult Clerk: Peter Stevenson (For 2 years)

Recording Clerk: Jessica Klaassen-Wright (For 2 Years)

Listeners: Kelly Ackerman & Amie Trofymow (For 1 Year)

Programming Committee: Jonathan Trofymow (For 2 Years)

Sporadical: Rebecca Ivanoff, Grace Egan-Pimblett, Brigid Egan-Pimblett (For 1 Year)

Nominating Committee: Kelly Ackerman, Reykia Fick (Subject to Consent), Katherine Hope, Elen Cheatley (Subject to Consent) (For 1 Year)

Webminders: Jessica Klaassen-Wright, Steven Dewar-Turcotte (For 1 Year)

Treasurer: Noah Garver (For 2 Years)

Mentoring Clerks: Bert Horwood, Dale Dewar (For 1 Year)

Canadian Friends Service Committee: Jessica Klaassen-Wright (For 1 Year)

Marika Haspek is serving her second year in a three-year term for HMAC. Rachel Singleton-Polster is serving her second year in a two-year term as Young Friends Clerk. Peter Stevenson is continuing representing Young Friends on the Faith and Practice Development Committee. (Added by Peter Stevenson, acting as Minute Reviewer)


The 2008 CYFYM Epistle was read. It will be approved on Friday after Friends have had a chance to review and comment.


We read, discussed, and approved the first draft job description for the Youth Secretary for Canadian Young Friends. This first draft will be read at CYM Meeting for Worship for Business and sent to the Hiring Committee for further review and action. We expressed great excitement for this position and our continued involvement in its implementation.


We addressed the accountability issue that was discussed on day two. We decided that since the recommendation was not complete, Marika and other Young Friends who felt led could work on it over the year. Peter also volunteered his time for answering questions or resolving issues. We anticipate the presentation of the recommendations at the start of next CYM.


We closed with closing worship.

CYFYM Minutes 2010

Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting 2010

Canadian Mennonite University Campus

Winnipeg, MB

Co-Clerks: Peter Stevenson, Rachel Urban-Shipley

Recording Clerk: Jessica Klaassen Wright

Attending: Chris Abbott, Jonah Egan-Pimblett, Ben Segel-Brown, Grace Egan-Pimblett, Brigid Egan-Pimblett, Chris Barfitt, Jonathan Trofymow, Kevin Abbott, Ebony Campbell, Kimberly Powers, Rachel Singleton-Polster, Daniel Von Schulmann, Melody Powers, Sam Beardsell, Jaya Karsemeyer

The Meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Peter Stevenson talked about the Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting (CYFYM) Fund with the meeting and explained the state of our finances. CYFYM currently has over $3,000 in the fund and has still not received the annual allowance from Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM). Ben Segel-Brown asked the meeting for funding to attend CYM 2010. He came with a minute of support from Ottawa Monthly Meeting and requested $380.97. This money will be reimbursed to Canadian Friends Service Committee who is currently paying for his expenses. There was a feeling of support in the meeting and we approved the request.

Rachel Singleton-Polster, Jonah Egan-Pimblett, and Daniel Von Schulmann served on Nominating Committee this year. CYFYM discussed all the names presented to the meeting by Nominating Committee. All the names listed below were approved.

Committees of CYM

Records Committee: Brigid Egan-Pimblett

Publications & Communications: Ben Segel-Brown

Programme Committee: Ebony Campbell (Replaced by Sandy Zelazny)

Home Mission and Advancement Committee: Jonah Egan-Pimblett

Canadian Friends Service Committee: Chris Abbott


Young Adult Friends Clerk: Alan Tatro

Recording Clerk: Grace Egan-Pimblett

There were no names brought forward for Sporadical of the CYFYM web-minders. Rebecca Ivanoff is the current editor of the Sporadical and the meeting suggested that we ask her if she is willing to continue with this position. Kimberly Powers expressed an interest in this position. Her name was discussed by the meeting and we approved these names as co-editors.

Ben Segel-Brown is willing to continue as an informal web-minder. He also expressed that he cannot change the website if there is no content to put on it. The meeting discussed the possibilities of getting more content on the site.

A concern was raised that listeners are not always easy to contact. Peter Stevenson suggested that we publicise their contact information with the list of national listeners. Listeners should be aware that their names will be publicized, and they should also work to make it easier for YF’s and YAF’s to contact them.

In a great sense of relief, the meeting ended on time with a moment of silence.

CYFYM Minutes 2013

The compiled minutes from CYFYM Meeting for Worship for Business are now available over at the business section of quaker.ca. Email your webminder if you need the password.

To find the document, head over to quaker.ca/business, enter the password, and click through the Young Friends Yearly Meeting section.  


We’re working diligently to get past years docs up here as well.