The Canadian Friend, 2006 Issue #4

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October 2006

Volume 102, Number 4
Canadian Yearly Meeting 2006Cover of 2006 Issue 4

In This Issue:

2 From the Editor’s Desk
4 Experience of the Spirit in our livesMargaret Slavin
5 Returning, after a long time awayKelly Ackerman
6 The power of positive angerPhillippa Hajdu
7 My first Canadian Yearly MeetingFiona McMurran
8 CYM statement “Toward a culture of peace”
9 Déclaration des Quakers canadiens « Vers une culture de la paix »
10 Letter to government concerning the crisis in the Middle East
11 Bible study at Canadian Yearly MeetingDeborah Fisch
12 Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM) Trustees and CYM fundsBarbara Horvath
13 Atlantic Yearly Meeting?
14 Quaker initiative to end torture (QUIT)Anne-Marie Zilliacus
18 Photos of Friends in Winnipeg: Canadian Yearly Meeting
20 PoetryE. Madeline Campbell, Bert Horwood, Muriel N. Bishop Summers
21 The big maze at Canadian Yearly MeetingPaul Barko, Ahren Klaassen-Wright, and Liam Watson Barber
22 Book reviewsDavid Millar, Bert Horwood, June-Etta Chenard
25 Quaker Book Service: newly arrived titles
26 The City of Remembrance (continued)Amy-Jean Singleton-Polster
28 Advertising (FWCC / TMM)
29 Report from Canadian Yearly Meeting archivesJane Zavitz-Bond
30 CYM national listeners for Adult and Young Friends
30 A report from Canadian Yearly Meeting’s food co-op
31 Susan Bax Fund Update
32 EcoPeace, EcoJustice and the Earth Charter: QEAN updateBill Curry
33 Some gleanings from 2006 Canadian Yearly Meeting in session
34 Around the Family
36 Credits, Upcoming Themes, and Deadlines

Year: 2006
Issue 4