The Canadian Friend, 2006 Issue #5

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Portraits of Canadian Friends

Summer 2006
Volume 102, Number 5Cover of 2006 Issue 5

In This Issue:

4 Sarah Chandler –  Jesse Thompson
5 An Interview With Betty PetersonDonna Smyth
6 A Conversation With Betty PolsterCelia Cheatley
7 Gianne BroughtonGianne Broughton
8 Dana And Vernon MullenErik A Koe Nig-Sheridan
10 Friends In The FamilySue Starr
11 Maxine Kaufman-LacustaRose Marie Cipryk
12 Getting To Know Margaret Slavin – Carol Leigh Wehking
14 Connie Mungall’s Commitment To Every Living Thing – Joy Newall
15 The Inevitable Plea For Money
15 On This DayRoger Davies
17 Update On The Foxfell ProjectEd And Vivien Abbott
18 Reflections On MarriageRob Hughes
19 African Summer Workcamps 2007
20 Friends And Electronic MediaGale Wills
21 CYM Finance Committee And VOIP (“voice over internet
Adrian Dolling And Pauline Mckenzie
22 Thoughts On Running The Half-Marathon At The OutgamesNathalie Brunet
23 Canadian Yearly Meeting Listeners
24 Friends United Meeting ReportSigny Fridriksson
25 Epistle From Western Half-Yearly Meeting
25 Classified Advertisements
26 Around The Family
27 Be A Part Of The Canadian Friend
28 Credits, Upcoming Themes, And Deadlines

Year: 2006
Issue 5