The Canadian Friend, 2006 Issue #3

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Summer 2006

Volume 102, Number 3
Emerging technologies, Welcome & Hospitality, Remembrance & LegaciesCover of 2006 Issue 3

In This Issue:

2 From the Editor’s Desk
4 Emerging technologiesDonald Alexander
6 Excitement at Camp NeeKauNisBeverly Shepard
7 Hospitality: A Friendly perspectiveJennie Wright
8 Broken open at the Welcome TableKatie Aven
11 Are we possessed? Legacy or burden?Helen Melbourne and Stephanie Deakin
13 Poetry: ChangeKay Collins-Thompson
13 Poetry: Fund AppealsJack Ross
14 A light in the wardEd Abbott
14 A message sent to Susan Bax in July 2002June Etta Chenard
15 Coincidence? Serendipity? Something Else?Joy Belle Conrad-Rice
18 Thank youMargaret Slavin
19 The City of RemembranceAmy Jean Singleton-Polster
20 FWCC Ad for Founders Fund
21 CYM national listeners for Young Friends and adults
22 Book reviewsWinnifred Tanner, Don Woodside
23 The stone in your shoe: A report from Western Half-Yearly MeetingKirsten Ebsen
24 A report from the Faith and Practice Development CommitteeMolly Walsh
25 Report from the spring meeting of Representative MeetingEllen Pye
26 Around the Family
28 Credits, Upcoming Themes, and Deadlines

Year: 2006
Issue 3