The Canadian Friend, 2001 Issue #4

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Canadian Yearly Meeting 2001

OctobCover of 2001 Issue 4er 2001
Volume 97, Number 4

4 Epistle of Canadian Yearly Meeting 
5 Young Friends Epistle (15-18) 
6 Young Friends Epistle (12-14) 
7 Young Friends Epistles (9-11 & 5-8) 
8 Experience of the Spirit in my life Anne-Marie Zilliacus
10 Speaking from the Heart Kirsten Ebsen
11 Advices and Queries by Young Friends 
12 How can we make a difference? Report from Pre-CYM Workshops
13 Call of the Crows Peggy Land
15 Seeking Unity with Nature Caroline Parry
16 From EWG to QEAN Bryan Dragon and Kitty Dunn
18 CYM Minute on QEAN 
19 Steps in the fight against patenting of life forms Anne Mitchell
20 What Happens in Meeting for Healing? Caroline Parry
21 Live Laugh Love Sleep later Nori Sinclair
22 Quaker Bible Study Keith Maddock
24 Illustration of Bert Horwood Steve Fick
25 Reflections of a Unitarian Friend Nathalie Brunet
25 Nonviolent Peaceforce Carl Stieren
26 Ecumenical Miscellany Mona Callin
27 Globalization Gobble-Your-Nation? Sybil Grace and Kitty Dunn
27 Young Adult Friends at CYM Andrew Gage
28 Notes from the underground David McKay
30 The Best Things in Life are Free Kate Davies
31 Stewardship Economics and Peter Brown Michael Miller
32 Creation-Centred Spirituality Pashta Marymoon
35 Ruth Morris, In Memoriam Joy Morris
36 Themes and Deadlines 

Year: 2001
Issue 4