The Canadian Friend, 2002 Issue #3

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PrayerCover of 2002 Issue 3

August 2002
Volume 98, Number 3

In This Issue:

4 In Touch with the Spirit Betty Polster
5 Discovering Prayer Miriam Maxcy
6 Awakening to the Meaning of the Sacred Doris Calder
7 Living Life as Prayer Ben Pink Dandelion
8 Meditation, Prayer and Worship Laura Macpherson
9 Prayer as Preparation for Transformation Ian Graham
11 Meditation Chris Nancarrow a.k.a. Grannirat
12 On Holding Others in the Light June Etta Chenard
12 For Quakers Who Believe There Is That of God in Every Shoe Lynne Phillips
13 Peace Statement Yonge Street Monthly Meeting
14 Christian Faith and Practice #86 Foi et Pratique du Christianisme #86
16 A Goddess Called the Silence Rhyannan
17 Beverly Shepard at Pendle Hill
18 Choices Jack Ross
20 Reflections on Being a Quaker John Leaning
22 Shadow of Slow Motion Holocaust Keith Helmuth
25 Quaker Book Service Recent Additions
26 Young Friends Listserve Don Bowyer
28 An Alphabet of Verbs from the G-8 Summit Jack Ross
29 Canadian Yearly Meeting Website
32 Representative Meeting Report Bryan Dragon
30 Book Reviews Susan Bax, Margery Zavitz-Cook, Brenda Louws
34 Faith and Practice Development Report John Calder
35 Western Half-Yearly Meeting Epistle Ruth Walmsley
36 Home Mission and Advancement Committee Report Carolyn Vaughan
37 Correction—Young Friends’ Epistle Katrina McQuail
38 Around the Family
39 Upcoming Events
Inset: Quaker Book Service


Year: 2002
Issue 3