Youth Program Coordinator Katharine Carmichael speaks to us all

When we gather in Winnipeg this summer, the adults will be considering Simplicity and its potential to stimulate radical change. Historically however, radical change in any community is often led by its youth. Children, teens, and youth of all descriptions, consider what kind of society you wish to live in. Does your vision match the one you are growing up in and actually living in? Are the adults in charge protecting the earth they’ve borrowed from you, or are they just making a mess you’ll have to clean up later?
What needs to change and how do we change it? Is it through action: protest and politics? Or is it through the arts: writing, performing and creating? Do our testimonies have a role in this process?
Friends, mentors and young at heart, we need people to help in this inspiring process.  Do you want to be invigorated by our awesome youth community? Do you have something to teach or to learn together? Do you need an excuse to miss Business Meeting? How can you help?  For the answers to these, and more exciting questions email the Youth Program Coordinator, Katharine Carmichael