Get Involved

YS Note: Dear YAFs and YFs: If you are interested in serving our Yearly Meeting and getting more involved, steeped in Quaker ways and learning our process and practices, serving on a CYM committee is a great way to do so. Feel free to contact one of the members of Nominations Committee to find out more about what each committee does to see where your passions connect.

May 6, 2013

Dear Friends,

CYM Nominating Committee is still looking to fill several vacant positions. Each year, our task is to seek out not only the person most fitted for each position, but the best position for each person who comes forward. This process of discernment is both demanding and rewarding. We weigh interest, qualifications, and often geographical considerations as well. Friends do not need to be nominated…if you think you are perfect for a position, ring your own bell! The only proviso is that each nominee must provide a Minute of support from their Monthly Meeting.

We need your talents, faith and enthusiasm. You may contact anyone on the Nominations Committee for information:

Peter Stevenson

Patty Lembke

Svetlana MacDonald

Barbara Horvath


Vacant Positions:

  • CYM 2014 Recording Clerk 1
  • Contributions Committee 1 Central / 1 East
  • Finance Committee 1
  • Camp NeeKauNis Committee 7
  • Canadian Friends Service Committee 1
  • Nominating Committee 1 East
  • Programme Committee 1 East / 1 Central / 1 West
  • CYM Youth Program Coordinator 1
  • Publications and Communications 1
  • Records Committee 2
  • Canadian Council of Churches
    • Governing Board 1
    • Commission on Faith and Witness 1
    • Movement Building 1
    • Global Partnerships 1
    • Dignity and Rights 1
  • Church Council on Justice and Corrections 1