Youth & Militarism Zine

Take a look at this exciting zine created at the Youth and Militarism Conference! Including pictures and highlights of conference workshops! Get a copy here: Youth and Militarism 2015 Zine

Youth & Militarism

Please join us for a cross Canada Conference on Youth & Militarism. Peterborough, Ontario and Shawigan Lake, BC. April 24th-26th, 2015. Learn more.

Youth Program Coordinator Katharine Carmichael speaks to us all

When we gather in Winnipeg this summer, the adults will be considering Simplicity and its potential to stimulate radical change. Historically however, radical change in any community is often led by its youth. Children, teens, and youth of all descriptions, consider what kind of society you wish to live in. Does your vision match the one you are growing up in and actually living in? Are the adults in charge protecting the earth they’ve borrowed from you, or are they just making a mess you’ll have to clean up later?
What needs to change and how do we change it? Is it through action: protest and politics? Or is it through the arts: writing, performing and creating? Do our testimonies have a role in this process?
Friends, mentors and young at heart, we need people to help in this inspiring process.  Do you want to be invigorated by our awesome youth community? Do you have something to teach or to learn together? Do you need an excuse to miss Business Meeting? How can you help?  For the answers to these, and more exciting questions email the Youth Program Coordinator, Katharine Carmichael

Continuing Revolution: A Young Adult Friends Conference on Community

DATE: June 6 – 11, 2014

 LOCATION: Pendle Hill Retreat and Study Center, Wallingford, PA

All young adult Friends (ages 18-35) in the U.S. and Canada are invited to be part of an intensive six-day conference focused on the simplicity testimony. The Continuing Revolution conference series, launched in 2012, has been a powerful and significant annual opportunity for young adult Quakers to come together for a spiritual and educational thematic program dedicated to joyful fellowship, deep worship and reflection around our witness in the world, and practical trainings designed to challenge and transform. The first two years of this program focused on environmental stewardship and simplicity. This year, in response to the call of young adult participants from past years, the focus will be on the community testimony.

Young adults are particularly well poised to become the inspired and effective change agents that are needed in the world, and at its core, this conference is about providing the foundational skills and training to inspire revelation – or revolution – as we strive to live in Spirit-led relationship with ourselves, our communities, and the earth.

Program Description:

Pendle Hill’s six-day conference for young adult Friends will include inspirational speakers, workshops and trainings, worship and worship-sharing, fellowship, discernment of gifts and ministry, and service. The program, still in development, will be announced soon – we do know in advance that Steve Chase will be an elder for the conference and he will lead a workshop on transition towns. The focus on community will be in its most expansive definition as a way to examine the need for change, the strength of human action, our own growing edges, the power of a gathered body, and to explore together some more radical understandings of the community testimony.

 Program Cost:

Program fees are $300 per participant; scholarships are available!

 Revelation or Revolution?

 You can find additional details and a conference application at Please contact Emily Higgs ( with questions about the conference or contact Shelley Tanenbaum ( with questions about QEW’s sponsorship of the conference.

Check out this video to get a better sense of what this conference series is all about!

Applications are now open for the Geneva Summer School

The Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) in Geneva, Switzerland offers a Summer School that introduces young people to the work of the United Nations as seen through the programs of QUNO. The next summer school will be July 6 18, 2014. Application deadline: February 3, 2014. For more information, visit QUNO.

Participants range in age from 20-26; applicants from outside the EU/Switzerland will need a visa; QUNO assists with visa applications though cannot guarantee success. Participation fee is 630 pounds (est. $1,120), which covers program, meals, accommodation (not travel). Suggestions on seeking financial help will be provided to those accepted; applicants are encouraged to seek funds from their Meetings (and can apply for CFSC Individual Grant at this email  )

Western Half-Yearly Fall Meeting

Register for Western Half-Yearly Meeting, Thanksgiving Weekend, Saskatchewan.

Get Involved

YS Note: Dear YAFs and YFs: If you are interested in serving our Yearly Meeting and getting more involved, steeped in Quaker ways and learning our process and practices, serving on a CYM committee is a great way to do so. Feel free to contact one of the members of Nominations Committee to find out more about what each committee does to see where your passions connect.

May 6, 2013

Dear Friends,

CYM Nominating Committee is still looking to fill several vacant positions. Each year, our task is to seek out not only the person most fitted for each position, but the best position for each person who comes forward. This process of discernment is both demanding and rewarding. We weigh interest, qualifications, and often geographical considerations as well. Friends do not need to be nominated…if you think you are perfect for a position, ring your own bell! The only proviso is that each nominee must provide a Minute of support from their Monthly Meeting.

We need your talents, faith and enthusiasm. You may contact anyone on the Nominations Committee for information:

Peter Stevenson

Patty Lembke

Svetlana MacDonald

Barbara Horvath


Vacant Positions:

  • CYM 2014 Recording Clerk 1
  • Contributions Committee 1 Central / 1 East
  • Finance Committee 1
  • Camp NeeKauNis Committee 7
  • Canadian Friends Service Committee 1
  • Nominating Committee 1 East
  • Programme Committee 1 East / 1 Central / 1 West
  • CYM Youth Program Coordinator 1
  • Publications and Communications 1
  • Records Committee 2
  • Canadian Council of Churches
    • Governing Board 1
    • Commission on Faith and Witness 1
    • Movement Building 1
    • Global Partnerships 1
    • Dignity and Rights 1
  • Church Council on Justice and Corrections 1

Call for Submissions – Youth Edition of the Canadian Friend

Dear Friends,

The editor of the Canadian Friend is looking for you to submit articles, pictures, poems, letters, rants, art, or anything else that could be published in black and white 2-D form. Please consider contributing something.

If you’re an older Friend and want to write something reflective about your experience of being a young quaker, or you want to dig into the old files and pull up something that you wrote or created when you were under 35, I’m sure it would be most welcome.

Submissions are due by Sunday, May 5th, 2013.

For any questions or clarifications or to submit something, please contact Canadian Friend editor: Sherryll Harris.