Quaker Youth Pilgrimage July to August 2014

Bolivia and Peru: Cradles of Andean Quakerism. A group of 16-18 year-olds will travel, worship and work together for a month. Apply by December 1, 2013. Learn more.

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Carry On Discovering Camp (55+) looking for kitchen help

Hello Friends,
COD Camp (September 4-11th, 2013) is looking for an assistant Cook to help their Head Cook: Elizabeth MacInnis prepare yummy meals in the Camp NeeKauNis Kitchen. For more information contact Bert Ross, Co-Director, COD Camp. 905-478-4786

An invitation to Rowanwood…

Hi Friends –

In February, David and I escaped from the damp and dark of Victoria to spend 2 beautiful snowy weeks at Ed and Viv Abbott’s home at Rowanwood, a rural co-operative on 92 acres of land near Orillia, Ontario (only half an hour from Camp NeeKauNis). We were warmly welcomed by members of the co-op – pot luck, movie night, tea and conversation.


They are looking for a young family or couple interested in community living and I thought that Friends would be a good fit. Rowanwood was incorporated in 1981 based on principles of consensus decision-making, shared leadership and a commitment to the stewardship of the land. There is a working sugar-bush (David pitched in with the tapping and we got a taste of the first syrup this year!), a communal organic garden, a pond and beautiful trails throughout the wetland/mixed hardwood acreage. The 9 member families each live in their own home, one of which (a 4-bedroom living unit) is now available for a prospective new member-family.


To enquire please contact Miriam Owen or Laird Keith; email: miriam.laird AT distributel DOT net


— Celia Cheatley


Ottawa Monthly Meeting is seeking a Friend or attender to serve as Resident Friend for a one year renewable term beginning September 1, 2013.

A free apartment is offered in exchange for about 12 hours of duties a week. The Resident Friend helps the Monthly Meeting fulfill the elements of its life as a community: looks after the Meeting House and garden, books the facilities, and handles telephone and email enquiries. Detailed guidelines are available upon request. The apartment is a one-bedroom unit with a private entrance, on the second floor of the Meeting House in the Glebe area of Ottawa.

Please apply by regular mail or e-mail outlining why you are interested in the position, what you are doing now, your relevant past experiences and the contributions you feel you can make to Ottawa Monthly Meeting. Please include at least two references.

Send this information by June 1, 2013 to:

David Shipley

951 Kincaid Court

Ottawa, ON K1V 6N6

email: urbshipATmagmaDOTca

Straw Bale House Building Learning Opportunity


You are getting this message because at one time you said you might be interested in helping us with straw bale house construction, or at least we think you did.

We are building a straw bale house on our 5.5-acre property just outside Winlaw, BC.  We are planning the straw bale/plastering component of house construction for July 2011, and we need volunteer helpers.  We are looking for generous friends who are willing to work all day on our property in the beautiful Slocan Valley in exchange for:
·         On-site camping and free food
·         An opportunity to experience this interesting building technique under the guidance of Habib John Gonzales, an expert straw bale builder.  See http://www.sustainableworks.ca/ for more information about Habib.
·         A pleasant work environment, companionship, and evening revelry.  (We hope.)

We will need a work crew of 8 for each of two 6-day periods – a 6-person construction crew, and 2 people for support tasks, such as food preparation and errands.  Our current plan is:

July 11 through approximately July 16 – Straw bale wall raising Tasks include installing exterior stucco mesh, carrying and stacking bales, retying partial bales to custom lengths, stuffing gaps, trimming the walls, installing interior stucco mesh and sewing mesh in place, masking framing lumber that will not be plastered, and otherwise preparing for plastering.

July 20 through approximately July 26 (with Sunday off) – Plastering Tasks include setting up scaffolding and tarps, mixing plaster, misting the walls, applying plaster (two or three coats), and cleaning equipment.

Both phases require at least some big strong people for the heavy work.

We will supply a tool belt, work gloves, rubber gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection, sunscreen, and most tools.  It would be helpful if volunteers could bring a hammer.  Please label any tools you bring.  If you cannot bring a hammer, that’s okay – we’ll have extras on hand.

Volunteer workers are invited to set up tents on our property.  Amenities include good drinking water, an outhouse, and sun-warmed water for handwashing.  Food is provided; we will cook and eat together.  Dietary restrictions will be accommodated, but we will need advance notice.  There is swimming in the Slocan River, a 10- to 15-minute walk from the property.  We hope to have an outdoor shower set up by then, but in any case, hot showers are available at Karibu Park, a 10-minute drive from the property.  There are also non-camping options, such as rental cabins at Karibu Park and several nearby Bed and Breakfasts.

Please let us know if you might be interested in helping out.  We will be sending out more messages as plans progress.  If you don’t want to get any more e-mail messages about this, please let us know and we’ll take you off the list.

Habib is using our house site as a venue for a 5-day workshop on commercial methods in straw bale construction during the week of July 4th.  The course is intended mainly for design professionals and owner builders.  Participants do not need building experience, but should have a serious interest in learning theory and technique.  If you are interested in the workshop, contact Habib at .

Susan K. Stevenson R.P.Bio
Silvifauna Research
101 Burden St.
Prince George BC  V2M 2G8

phone:  (250) 564-5695  fax:  (250) 562-8419