Upcoming Events

The next half-yearly meeting will occur in autumn 2022, with dates and more information to come.

Past Gatherings

June 2022

Flyer & Schedule (PDF)

The programme for this gathering was on the topic “Friends House Moscow: 26 Years of Service in Russia and Beyond.” Our speaker, presenting on Zoom, was Julie Harlow, an American Friend who is on the International Board of Friends House Moscow (friendshousemoscow.org).

October 2021

Flyer & Agenda (PDF)

The feature workshop for this gathering was “Peaceful and Clear Communication within Meetings,” facilitated by Matt Legge of Canadian Friends Service Committee and author of Are We Done Fighting? Building Understanding in a World of Hate and Division.

Reportback on Oct 2021 Yonge Street Half-Yearly Meeting (PDF)

May 2021

Gathering Flyer (PDF)

Our guest speaker was Wess Daniels, Director of the Friends Center & Quaker Studies at Guilford College in North Carolina, who presented a talk entitled “In A Time of Transition: Seeds of Change, Roots of Strength.”

October 2020

Flyer & Schedule (PDF)

The feature workshop for this gathering was “Death Preparation as Spiritual Practice.” One recommended resources from this workshop was “End of life decisions and Quaker testimonies” from Quaker Aging Resources.

October 2019

Flyer & Schedule (PDF)

Maggie Knight led an exciting session at this gathering on the topic of “How Young Friends are promoting their spiritual growth in a secular society in 2019.” A Young Friend from Vancouver Island Monthly Meeting who has been inspiring Friends for some years, Maggie presented “Quaking with Grace & Joy in Modern Times” for the 2016 the Sunderland P. Gardner lecture at Canadian Yearly Meeting.