CYM Gathering 2024 Schedule

Sunderland P. Gardner Lecture

“How to Walk Cheerfully?” by Margaret Slavin

Sunday, July 28
3:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time
Blended Format (in-person and online)

Twenty years ago, with the support of two clearness committees, Margaret Slavin began a journey to follow a leading to worship with all Meetings and Worship Groups across Canada.  She was led to explore the connections among our sense of spiritual journey, our creative callings, and our passions for social justice, social change. She was asked to also take on a concern for the children of our meetings. She completed her journeys two years and a month after setting out.  The journals she kept during those visits are the basis for her presentation, considered today within the context of our increasingly polarized society.

How dare Friends speak of walking cheerfully? George Fox, walking in his own time of empire and acute personal danger, described his experience as cheerful. Can we?

About Margaret Slavin

Margaret is a longtime Friend and activist. She has been a member of Ottawa Monthly Meeting and Fern Street Monthly Meeting in Victoria, BC. She presently lives in Peterborough, Ontario and is a member of the Peterborough Monthly Meeting. She is Board Chair of the grassroots Peterborough Action for Tiny Homes, and helped to form Peterborough Peace Council, which has held a monthly peace vigil for the past nine years. She has published collections of poetry and fiction. Her journal, Travels in the Ministry in CYM 2004 – 2006, is available on

Quaker Bible Study

The Bible: How Could This Have Happened?” by Ben Bootsma

5 sessions, 2:15 pm to 3:15 pm Eastern Daylight Time

Ben Bootsma is known to many Canadian Friends as the Manager of Friends House in Toronto.  For some years he has been learning, thinking and talking with resource people about Quakers and the Bible.  Ben Bootsma’s sessions will address the formation of the Bible, the history of Friends’ relationship to it and how this informs Quaker faith as expressed and experienced today.  Each session will conclude with queries available for use by the Worship Sharing groups.

Intergenerational Community Gathering


A new initiative, this is a daily light and lively time for F/friends of all ages at Yearly Meeting to share Quaker stories, songs, games, and worship.

In conversation with Friends through the Friendly Exploration on CYM in Session in

January 2022, and in other ways, the CYM Change and Sustainable Transformation Committee (CAST) has heard that that Friends want more opportunities to

·       learn about Friends history and practice

·       connect as a community

·       nurture our Young Friends

·       support parents with young children

·       find welcoming ways for those new to the Friends community

The Community Gathering is an experiment in trying new ways to connect. It will be a feature of the in-person component of the Gathering.

Enhanced Children and Youth Program

We seek to re-invigorate the Youth and Children’s programming at the Annual Gathering.

Nathalie Brunet has agreed to serve as Youth and Children’s Program Coordinator and also to lead the Youth Group. Many will know Nathalie from her past service to CYM through Program Committee. She is a recently retired junior high science teacher. Her first priority in planning for Youth and Children’s programming is to connect with parents (and grandparents and all caregivers who are considering attending the gathering!) to begin a dialogue about what programming for young people can look like.

Reach her at .

See more about Children and Youth Programming.