Welcome to the Help area for Canadian Yearly Meeting in Session. You may find the answers you need on this page, below.

Otherwise, for general support and enquiries, please contact the Canadian Yearly Meeting Gathering team and we will try to help:

Some Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


CYM2022 Planner

    • available now – You can login with the invitation email, or just go there and use your google account, or request a password reset from the login screen.
    • We have prepared a short video to walk you visually through some of the details of the planner!

  • Zoom links for sessions will become visible ten minutes before the appointed time (they will be distributed ahead of this to presenters and facilitators). This is a part of the CYM Planner, and allows us to more efficiently move from session to session.
  • If you are a Speaker or Zoom host you will be able to see the zoom link for your session ahead of time. We ask you to be there about 20 minutes before the appointed time.
  • Your Profile – Please put some information and a picture into your profile to help us build community. If you have attended other similar events, or register your social media channels, then your profile may have been carried over (from CYM2021 or elsewhere), so check it is appropriate/what you wish to say for CYM2022.
  • When saving your profile, please use the green save button, not one of the deletion buttons, unless you have decided not to attend.



  • Some events are for Young Friends (12 and under), Young Adult Friends (generally 13-35) and access is therefore more restricted. Registrants will receive details by email.
    For Under 18 Friends, you should bring (or be brought) to the mandatory orientation on Sunday

Zoom – Many Friends are now familiar with Zoom. Some suggestions:

🔶 🔶 From Aug 6th 2022 some older versions of Zoom will no longer work!! Please get the latest version of the Zoom (Desktop) Client. 🔶 🔶

  • Please keep your video turned on (to help us into community)
  • Please keep yourself muted unless speaking to the group – avoids gurgling water (oops!) but also growling cats (oh my!)
  • When speaking (unmuted) please speak slowly and clearly so that you may be heard by all present
  • Please be aware that some Friends are using phones and may need more time to navigate (See Zoom support on using phones to join meetings.)
  • If you find transcription (closed captions) helpful, please request it be turned on (and yes, we know that transcription does not work in breakout rooms – so please remain in the main room if you require transcription in order to participate)


  • There will be very limited session recordings in 2022, for a variety of reasons including participant privacy, and the nature and content of the events. The Sunderland P Gardner lecture will be recorded in 2022, and one talk on Monday.

Technical Support

  • make sure to come to the first event on Sunday!

Location of documents

  • Look first within the CYM Minutes, then inside individual events in the CYM2022 Planner (e.g. for handouts for a session)
  • Memorial Minutes and State of Society Reports are found within CYM Reports for 2022.

Pastoral Care help

Contact Continuing Meeting of Ministry & Counsel

  • Continuing Meeting of Ministry & Counsel is available during this week.

Safeguarding help

  • keeping children and other vulnerable people safe – there is a lengthy manual, and all program and technical support team helping with the children’s events have been carefully selected

Accessibility support

  • On the registration form (or any other google form), if the reCaptcha image defeats you, this link from google might help –
  • Often someone you know may be able to assist
  • If your needs are still not being met, please ask via the email or form below – we’ll try!

We will be updating our help and support pages regularly as the event draws closer, and we learn from experience. Thank you for your patience.

For general support and enquiries, please contact the Canadian Yearly Meeting Gathering team by: