Every participant, both in person and online, will be expected to have read and abide by the community guidelines, before registering for the event. You will be asked to affirm your agreement when you register.

Terms and Conditions – Everyone

  • If you complete a registration form on behalf of another person, then you confirm that you have the authority to agree to these terms on their behalf, this means that you should make them aware of the Terms by which they are bound.
  • We require that every participant read and abide by the Community Guidelines.
  • June 26 is the deadline for in-person bookings and payments that guarantee accommodations, meals, and special dietary requirements.
  • June 26 is the deadline for cancellations for in-person bookings. Cancellations for in-person and online registration fees will be fully reimbursed. Cancellations due to illness after this date will also be honoured.
  • CYM will not be liable for any failure or delay in the delivery of the event which is caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control. Where such an event occurs, CYM’s obligations will be suspended for so long as such circumstances continue, or the event may be cancelled.
  • Taking recordings or static images of sessions is not permitted without the prior consent of the organizers and affected participants. Anyone found to be doing so without said permission will be in breach of these terms and conditions and may be blocked from accessing any further CYM sessions.

Additional Terms and Conditions in-person participants:

  • We require that every in-person participant read and abide by the Health and Safety policy.
  • We recommend that you consider getting refundable tickets 0r taking out travel cancellation insurance to provide to cover in the event of having to cancel your travel booking due to unforeseen circumstances.

Community Agreement

As a Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, Canadian Yearly Meeting is more than community.

Deborah E. Haight said it in her 1987 Sunderland P. Gardener lecture: “Meeting” is a richer word than ‘community’ and a richer experience … Being a Quaker Meeting carries a sense of belonging, of belonging to one another, and of having a sense of our ultimate belonging to spirit.”1

If you are a member in a Monthly or Half-Yearly Meeting in Canada you are a member here. If you are an attender, regular or otherwise, in choosing to join us this week you are choosing the company of those who carry this sense of belonging to one another and to the spirit.

As we gather – in-person and online – we seek to maintain the faith, love, unity, life, and practice of Friends. This is our privilege and responsibility.

In joining us this week, this is your privilege and responsibility.

We ask that each of us reflect on our individual and collective call to be a Meeting, and to commit to those practices that create and maintain a safe and loving community. Throughout all sessions — social and business — during Yearly Meeting in Session:

Respect the diversity among us in our lives, relationships, experiences, opinions.
Listen patiently and seek the truth that other people’s opinions may contain for you.
Allow silence before and after each person speaks, so that there is time for the speaking, the listening, and the spirit. Use inclusive language.

As much as possible speak from your own experience. Speak on your own behalf. Avoid presenting your own view if called upon to speak on behalf of others. Respect, cooperate with, and uphold the processes and ordering of Yearly Meeting-in-Session. Discern right words and right timing when raising concerns. Remember that organizers and servants of Meeting-in-Session have given of themselves generously and with best intention.

Follow the guidance on safeguarding and online security provided for the events.

During Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

If you are led to speak, ask the clerk to recognize you by raising your hand. Acquaint yourself with the procedure in Zoom prior to the beginning of the meeting. When recognized by the clerk, say your name and home meeting if you have one. Keep your comments plain and to the point.

Recognize the space for silence before and after each person speaks.

Expect to speak only once during consideration of a given item. Please do not ask to be recognized by the clerk merely to restate in your own words something that someone has said. Consider using the Quaker affirmation “this Friend speaks my mind” if you are attending in person, or using a positive Zoom feedback icon.

When a person speaks in Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, receive the words as you receive vocal ministry in Meeting for Worship—with an open heart and a calm mind.
1 Haight, Deborah E. Meeting, Canadian Quaker Pamphlets. Vol. 26, Argenta Friends Press, 1987. 

Health and Safety Policy

Friends have had a long and admirable practice of caring for one another. The  pandemic from which we are now emerging has reinforced some principles central to such care. These health and safety guidelines are intended to help you make decisions about your well being and the well being of your family during the Annual Gathering.

We abide by the Canadian Yearly Meeting (CYM) Safe Nurture of Vulnerable Persons in our Care Policy at the Annual Gathering. CYM commits itself to do everything possible to create safe environments for its activities in which all persons, including children, youth, and all vulnerable persons, are nurtured, and physical, emotional and sexual abuse is prevented. Safe Nurture Policy is in effect at all CYM-sponsored events, including this Annual  Gathering.

We abide by CYM’s Policy to Address Workplace Harassment and Discrimination, and Policy to Address Workplace Violence. These policies apply to all people in the CYM organisation: those who are employed, working under contract and working as volunteers. They are an important part of our commitment to create safe spaces where all people are treated with respect and dignity.

The gathering will maintain a daily contact person onsite, who can help you find answers to your health and safety questions, including details about CYM policies and how they apply. Duty Contacts can also  help you to find appropriate medical attention if needed.

Look for information about how to contact the daily contact person onsite, at the Reception/Registration Table. Look for after-hours emergency contact information at the Reception/Registration Table.


The pandemic has given us better grounding in keeping one another safe from all infectious disease. If you are sick with an infectious disease of any kind, avoid gathering with others until you have recovered.

As we re-emerge into gathering in person, we ask Friends to respect both their own and others’ feelings regarding COVID.

We ask that while at the gathering, you engage in those practices that will help keep everyone safe from infectious disease: stay home when you’re sick, keep vaccinations current; wear a mask indoors whenever practicable; wash your hands often.

We ask that you bring your own supply of masks.

Support if you get sick

If you must cancel your in-person reservation, we will refund the cost for your meals and accommodations. You are welcome to attend the gathering online.

First Aid

The Reception/Registration Table and the Children and Youth Coordinator will both maintain first aid kits. The Duty Contact will help you access more extensive medical attention if needed.


Wheels need helmets!

Be aware of the environment. The Assiniboine Forest, which is directly adjacent to the university campus, is home to coyotes, foxes, skunks, and a myriad of other wonderful (and scavenging) critters.. Do your part to keep the campus clean. If you’re camping, keep a clean campsite. Use the provided food storage and disposal.


There will be listeners provided on site. The Duty Contact person will help you make contact with a listener and a quiet space.

Data protection and privacy for this event

In order to run this event, we will add your details to our contacts database but will not share your details with anyone except where needed for the purposes of running this event. If you are already on our database, we will update our records based on the details on the registration form.

If an event is being recorded, you will be notified of this on arrival. In this case, if you do not wish your video to be captured, you will need to turn your camera off.

Taking recordings or static images of sessions is not permitted without the prior consent of the organizers and affected participants. Anyone found to be doing so without said permission will be in breach of these terms and conditions and may be blocked from accessing any further CYM sessions.

Permission to take photos during the event and use these photos on the CYM website, newsletter, or other communication channels is requested in the registration process for on-site participants.