These frequently answered questions are, we hope, also frequently asked questions!

The Gathering helpdesk will be active during the gathering, and is open now. Please read the registration information carefully before you start on registering. If you still have questions or are having difficulty, please contact:

Payment questions and any changes to your registration should be directed to the CYM Office at .

If you become sick while at the Canadian Mennonite University please review and follow the health & safety guidelines.

Location, Dates and Time – online and in-person
The Canadian Yearly Meeting 2023 In Session Gathering takes place July 8 – 13, online and in-person, at the Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg.

The Gathering opens with supper in the Dining Hall (or, for delegates, during their meeting) Saturday July 8 at 5 pm Central Daylight Time, and closes Thursday July 13 noon Central Daylight Time, followed by a final lunch in the Dining Hall. After lunch we rise for another year.

Registration help

This is the first year we are attempting a blended Yearly Meeting, so you can register either for the online Yearly Meeting, or the in person Gathering in Winnipeg.

Similar and blended programming will be happening across Zoom and at the CMU. See below for how to register and the schedule.

We are looking for volunteers for both in-person roles and online roles, if you feel led to support in this way, please go to this page. 

How to register for the in-person component of the Gathering

Your registration experience is going to go more smoothly if you’re prepared for the choices you’ll be making. Please read the information in these links before you open your registration form:

  • Learn about the registration fees.
  • Learn about the available choices for lodging and meals.
  • Learn about grants that are available to help reduce barriers to attending.
  • Review the program schedule.
  • Review Children and Youth programming.
  • Review the Terms and Conditions. Registration requires your consent.

How to register for the online component of the Gathering

Please read the information in these links before you open your registration form:

The last day to:

  • May 31 : Register young ones for a guaranteed spot in the Children and Youth Program
  • June 26: Register and book lodging and meals for in-person attendance & Grant application deadline
  • Always available: Provide a charitable receipted donation to CYM in addition to the Gathering registration fee. Registration fees do not cover the cost of the event so your additional donation is incredibly welcome. It’s easy to include the donation in your registration form. If you do include a donation as part of your registration from, please note that you will not receive a charitable donation receipt until some time after the Gathering.

Friends, please respect the deadlines; there are many moving parts to this blended gathering and we’ll all have a better time if we can keep the predictable parts predictable.

Need more help?
If you have questions or need assistance with registering, please contact:

Once you have read the website information, to register for the in-person Canadian Yearly Meeting 2023, please go to this registration pageYou will need to register on this registration link after reading the website information. You will then need to pay with the office offline.

Online participants will register and pay online through Canada Helps.

To register for the online Yearly Meeting 2023, please go to this registration page.

CYM is undertaking a shift in structure and working to be more transparent about the complete costs of programming. There are considerable costs to support the Yearly Meeting in Session (e.g., insurance, facility rental, tech support, required positions, etc.), which have been historically subsidized. For this blended meeting, we estimate the full cost to be over $800 per person. In addition to the registration fee, we appreciate and are very grateful for any additional donations towards the CYM subsidy for this event.

Suggested donations:

  • 15% of cost $ 90
  • 25% of cost $150
  • 50% of cost $300
  • or alternate

Registration Fees

The registration fee for online and in-person for CYM2023 is $200 per person, with discounts for additional household members. Free for children and Youth under 18.


If you have financial barriers to attending in either the in-person or online, please go to this page for grant information for both Friends and Young Adult Friends.

The deadline for grant applications for financial assistance to participate in the gathering is 26th June, and CYM’s Education & Outreach committee will be discerning grants by the 30th June 2023 and informing the grantees directly.


We’re using Sched again this year to manage the Gathering’s program – both in-person and online. We call it the CYM Planner. We need an email address for every registrant over 18 years old to set this up. The Planner is the place for all the information you need to get to the events (such as room number or Zoom link) you want to attend. If you attended the Gathering online last year, you’ll still be in the Planner for this year. When you register for the Gathering—online or in-person—we’ll set you up in the Planner and send you an email with the information you need to get up and running with it.

You can find more information about the schedule on this page.


There are several types of accommodation available at the Canadian Mennonite University, you will be asked to book yours when you register.

The options available are:

  • Tenting – shared and single
  • Shared or single accommodation with air conditioning
  • Shared or single accommodation without air conditioning

All the prices shown on the Accommodation page are per person, per room, except for tenting.

Children 0 – 3 years old stay free in your room. The University does not have cribs or “pack and play” units for use. You must bring your child’s sleeping gear.

Children 4 – 11 years old stay at half the quoted room price. If you and your child share a double room, the cost will be the full double rate for you and half the double rate for your child.

Alternatively, your child 4 -11 years old can stay for free in your room if you bring your own sleeping/air mattress and sleeping bag and they sleep on the floor (which might be very tight).


Accommodation and meals outside of booking times:

The earliest/latest date to check into accommodation at the Canadian Mennonite University is Wednesday, July 5, and check out Sunday, July 16. A longer stay may be possible, but you will need to contact the university directly.

CYM does not have the capacity to coordinate meals outside of the scheduled event. Participants will need to provide for their own meals (e.g., take-out, share in a grocery run) outside of the scheduled event.

Policies and Terms and Conditions

You can find the Health and Safety policy, the Community Agreement and the Terms and Conditions for attendance here.


We will do our absolute best to make the Canadian Yearly Meeting as accessible as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about accessibility, you can contact: .

There is a place in the registration for the in-person Meeting for individuals to share their accessibility requirements.

Children and Youth programming

Please note that to allow time to plan programming we must receive registrations for the Children and Youth program by May 31st. Children or youth registered after June 1 will be welcome to join a group that is already set up – as long as there is enough space – but otherwise they will be in your care during CYM.

The main CYM schedule includes daily opportunities for all ages to come together: a morning Intergenerational Community Gathering (8:45 to 9:30); an Intergenerational Meeting for Worship (1:30 – 2:15); and Family Night (Wed 6:30 – 8:00).

The separate Children & Youth Program will be offered from Sunday to Wednesday during the times when adults will be involved in other CYM activities:

  • mornings 9:30 to 12:00
  • afternoons 2:15 to 4:30
  • evenings 6:15 to 8:00.


You can find information about travel to and getting around the CMU campus here.

The Greyhound bus service no longer exists, so the public transit option for ground transportation is the train, for those who prefer not to fly.

For more information, click here.

What to do in Winnipeg

For information on what to do in Winnipeg, please check out this flyer: CYM Winnipeg flyer

Docs and Agendas

These will be made available on the CYM business side of the website and via Sched.

How to use the CYM Planner

Blended CYM Gathering

This year we are experimenting with a blended CYM Gathering. We are using these terms:

  • In-person: people who are attending on site at the Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg. An in-person session is one where ONLY in-person attendees are present (examples include meals, and the opening Intergenerational activity)
  • Online: people who are attending from somewhere via Zoom. Note that all times in the schedule are (by default) in Winnipeg time. When using the CYM2023 Planner you can set the time zone to suit your needs. Sessions marked as Online (rather than in-person on blended) are available to all, but you will need to make your own arrangements for a phone, tablet or computer in order to connect via Zoom. You will need  to use the CYM2023 Planner to join meetings. You might  buddy up with others to enhance your experience.
  • Blended: Refers to the whole experience of the CYM 2023 Gathering. Also describes Sessions attended by both in-person and online Friends. (We are choosing this term over the often used hybrid.)
  • Schedule: The definitive schedule can be found in the CYM2023 Planner at cym2023.sched.com
  • The CYM2023 Planner is a service available through either a website or a phone app. 
    • To set up the phone app:
      • Go to your app or play store and locate and install the Sched app (icon here).
      • Open the Sched app and find the event called CYM2023.
      • You will need to log  in to the app when you first use it.
    • To set up the web app:
      • Go to https://cym2023.sched.com and log in.
      • To log in you will need to be registered, and then to set up a password (or connect via a google or facebook account).
    • The App may be helpful for both in-person and online attendees. It has all the details for sessions, and you can plan your time.

CYM2023 Planner

  • available now – You can login with the invitation email, or just go there and use your google account, or request a password reset from the login screen.
  • We have prepared a short video to walk you visually through some of the details of the planner!
  • Zoom links for sessions will become visible ten minutes before the appointed time (they will be distributed ahead of this to presenters and facilitators). This is a part of the CYM Planner, and allows us to more efficiently move from session to session.
  • If you are a Speaker or Zoom host you will be able to see the zoom link for your session ahead of time. We ask you to be there about 20 minutes before the appointed time.
  • Your Profile – Please put some information and a picture into your profile to help us build community. If you have attended other similar events, or register your social media channels, then your profile may have been carried over (from CYM2022 or elsewhere), so check it is appropriate/what you wish to say for CYM2023.
  • When saving your profile, please use the green save button, not one of the deletion buttons, unless you have decided not to attend.

Zoom – Many Friends are now familiar with Zoom. Some suggestions:

Please get the latest version of the Zoom (Desktop) Client.

  • Please keep your video turned on (to help us into community) unless you are experiencing severe connection issues
  • Please keep yourself muted unless speaking to the group – avoids gurgling water (oops!) but also growling cats (oh my!)
  • When speaking (unmuted) please speak slowly and clearly so that you may be heard by all present
  • Please be aware that some Friends are using phones and may need more time to navigate (See Zoom support on using phones to join meetings.)
  • If you find transcription (closed captions) helpful, please enable it (anyone can now enable transcription, and it also now works in breakout rooms – hooray!). Please ensure you have the latest Zoom client software installed.


  • There will be very limited session recordings in 2023, for a variety of reasons including participant privacy, and the nature and content of the events. The Sunderland P Gardner lecture will be recorded in 2023.