Volunteer Ministry at the Annual Gathering

Dear Volunteers

As you put your name forward, know that we’re grateful for the help you can offer. Your name will be provided, with others, to the committee or group leading the positions you volunteer for. We may ask you to take on the task you have volunteered for, or we may ask you to take on a different role. 

Signing up

You can sign up to volunteer for one or more of these roles by filling out the form at the bottom of this page, and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

Descriptions of volunteer positions

Communications-related Positions

  • Epistle Committee–both online and in-person representation
    Prepares the text of the Yearly Meeting’s Epistle. The committee meets once or twice during the week. Typically, members reflect in silence on the unfolding events and then share their views concerning the most significant aspects. One or two online and one onsite
  • Gleanings Committee–both online and in-person representation
    Collects short quotations, heard in any place, at any time, which catch the spirit of the Yearly Meeting. Gleanings are read back during Family Night.
  • The Daily Quacker newsletter–either online or in-person
    Coordinates / Prepares daily release of news and announcements

Positions under the care of the Continuing Meeting of Ministry and Counsel

  • Buddy first time attenders or attenders who request–in-person and online representation
  • Silent Worship Leader–Blended session–in-person leader
  • Worship Sharing Group Leaders in-person and online representation
  • Listener / Committee of Care–in-person and online representation

Positions under the care of the Children and Youth Program Leader

The Children and Youth Program needs extra hands.  For all these positions a Police Record Check is appreciated but not required.  

  • Youth Program Helper – Assistant to a Group Leader
    Serves as assistant to the leader with one group for one or more sessions (morning, afternoon, or evening)
  • Youth Program – Special Workshop Instruction
    Make us an offer! Come share a craft, a skill, a game, or your knowledge with young people!
  • Youth Program – Field trip supervision
    We need extra hands on deck to provide enough supervision for field trips. Come explore with us!
  • Youth Program – Physical Activity Animation
    Come share your favourite sport or activity with young people. Balancing, anyone?

Site-related Positions

  • Gathering “host”–in-person
    Troubleshoots all on-site requests for help including minor medical upsets (first aid kit); will help facilitate medical care for more serious medical issues. Daytime and evening coverage.
  • Daily meeting room set-up–in-person
    Ensures the major meeting room(s) are set up in appropriate form; may be asked to help set up for other events.
  • Door Keepers–in-person
    Hold late-comers at door of Meeting, and shepherd in at an appropriate break
  • Bell hop/greeter/guide–in-person
    Saturday July 8, Thursday July 13
    Help Friends and their luggage to and from their room
  • Daily cleanup–in-person
  • Participation supporters–in-person
    Support Friends with mobility issues, hearing issues, transcribing; Friends will be asked to specify required support when registering.
  • Family Night Helper–in-person
    Enlists and organizes acts for Family Night, may help as emcee.
  • Signage Volunteer–in-person
    Prepares daily signage as required
  • First Aid Lead
  • Food Liaison with CMU

Tech-related Positions

  • Tech Liaison with CMU
  • Tech team onsite lead
  • Training others, assigning schedules, etc.
    Training initially on Friday or Saturday
  • Tech team online lead
  • Zoom hosts for online and blended sessions–online
    Operate the online Zoom controls, mute attender mics as necessary, work with session presenters to ensure attenders wanting to contribute are noticed
  • Room hosts for blended sessions–in-person
    Move microphone to attenders wanting to contribute; work with session presenters to ensure attenders wanting to contribute are noticed
  • Room Tech hosts for in-person sessions–in-person
    Operate the in-room camera, microphone, speakers
  • Online Help Desk–online
    Provide email help for registration; navigating Sched help.