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This page will have brief explanations about some of the CYM sessions.

There is also a full schedule and pages about Keynote Speakers, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and the Pre-CYM Poetry Retreat.

Opening Worship

Intergenerational Activity

Children’s Program Orientation

For under-18s – required

First Timers Orientation


Delegates Meeting


Family Worship


Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting (CYFYM)


Spirit of Hope: Epilogue art

Sunday – Leader: June Etta Chenard

I invite you to join me for a simple and comforting epilogue art activity. Our days often bring heaviness as well as light, leaving us feeling tired, worn, and perhaps despairing, especially during this pandemic time. Creating your own visual meditation of hope may help soothe your spirit, wind down, and prepare for sleep. A short worship time will focus on art-making as a spiritually healing and comforting activity. Most of our time will be to draw, colour, write, and perhaps worship share experiences and feelings about spiritual self-care and hope. Suggested materials include blank paper, simple drawing or colouring tools, and maybe images, scissors, and a glue stick.

Worship Sharing / Worship Fellowship




Experience of Spirit in My Life

A time of worship-sharing in which we share with each other the difficult aspects of our journey, as well as the joys and affirmations we find together. Each contribution is supported in silence before and afterward. All are welcome.

Continuing Meeting of Ministry and Counsel

(CMM&C) – Closed Meeting

All members of monthly meetings of Ministry and Counsel, or their designates, and the designates of monthly meetings without M&Cs are invited to attend. We share our concerns and joys, determine where special attention may be needed, consider nominations to CMM&C, and hear the first draft of the State of Society Report.

Business 1

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business
(To include a land acknowledgement and welcome)

Change and Sustainable Transformation (CAST)

Discussion about how to simplify Canadian Yearly Meeting with all interested Friends, facilitated by Marilyn Manzer, and with notes by Virginia Dawson to assist CAST’s further work.


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, two spirit, questioning

Probably two threads – a safe space; an allyship space (details will emerge)

Memorial Meeting

In the memorial meeting for worship we give thanks for the grace of God in the life of Friends who have died since our last yearly meeting. Friends are asked to allow several moments to fully hear and reflect on each message before offering theirs.

Business 2

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business


Canadian Friends Service Committee (CFSC)

An Evening with CMM&C

Continuing Meeting of Ministry and Counsel (CMM&C) – Open Meeting

In light of the changes coming to CYM, it seems a good time for a renewed focus on the spiritual priorities of our meetings, both during CYM in session and in our monthly meetings. We have heard from Friends who desire a deeper, more self-disciplined worship, and from young Friends seeking a deeper connection with the Quaker tradition.

Continuing Meeting of Ministry and Counsel (CMM&C) “provides care and support for all Meetings for Worship across Canada, and for the worship which underlies all business sessions of the Yearly Meeting” and “matters relating to worship or the living out of our faith and testimonies as Friends.” (Organization & Procedure, 7:11)

Yet CMM&C often feel hampered in exercising our responsibility by the widespread liberal Quaker insistence that worship and ministry are purely private matters, not subject to community standards.
For the Evening with CMM&C, we will invite Friends to meet in small groups to consider the following queries:

*How do you understand the role of your local Ministry and Counsel (M&C)?
*How do you understand the role of CMM&C?
*What services/assistance would you like to see coming from your local M&C?
*What services/assistance would you like to see coming from CMM&C?
*Who, or those in what role, provides eldering in your meeting?
*What role should eldering play amongst today’s Friends?

Family Night

Bring your party piece. Young to old, all are all invited to contribute short pieces (remembering that it is online).
Contributions will be collected by the coordinator, appointed at the start of the gathering.

Meeting for Healing


Business 3

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business – and Closing Meeting