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Canadian Yearly Meeting 2021 is virtual from August 8-14

For #CYM2021 we will again gather with a spirit of #hope.

Yearly Meeting is now over. Please complete the evaluation form.

In case you missed it: The Indigenous Welcome and acknowledgment video is available for you to view. The rest the sessions were not recorded, at the request of those presenting.

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Key Events

Sunderland P. Gardner Lecture

Sunday August 8 2021
1:30 Pacific | 2:30 Mountain | 3:30 Central | 4:30 Eastern | 5:30 Atlantic | 6 Newfoundland

Love and Justice, Hope and Imagination
by Monica Walters-Field

Intention: “I pin my hopes to quiet processes and small circles, in which vital and transforming events take place.” (Quaker Faith & Practice)
Description: A story of heritage, experiences, and gifts of the spirit.
A life given and a life forged from influences, challenges and change, while holding on to a life that is one’s own.
From village to city, from sea to lake and from the familiar to the implications of the new.

Quaker Studies

Daily Monday-Friday 9-13 August
11 Pacific | 12 Mountain | 1 Central | 2 Eastern | 3 Atlantic | 3:30 Newfoundland

Things That are Eternal
by Janet Ross

“Seek to know one another in the things that are eternal” is a familiar phrase to many from Fox’s journal, and made more well-known through Britain Yearly Meeting’s Advices & Queries #18. But what does this mean? What can it mean when justice is too often thin and seemingly out of reach? How do we know one another in this way? How does knowing in this way impact and change our communities, our relationships, and ourselves? Can such knowledge strengthen and energize us for the realities of our world?

Quaker Study at #CYM2021 will be co-facilitated by Janet Ross and others from Winnipeg Monthly Meeting. We are looking forward to studying and learning together, listening to the Spirit’s leading and the still small voice that calls us to account amidst noise and chaos.

Children and Youth Program

Daily Monday-Friday 9-13 August

7:30 Pacific | 8:30 Mountain | 9:30 Central | 10:30 Eastern | 11:30 Atlantic | Noon Newfoundland
30 minutes

Simon Daley

The children’s programming will consist of 30 minutes of Zoom activity in the morning before adult programming begins, with accompanying offline activities to complete during the day.

Youth 13+ may choose to participate in Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting (CYFYM) programming (details TBA).

All activities except the initial orientation (on Sunday) are optional. If the participant and a parent/guardian are unable to both attend the orientation session (August 8th at 11am PT/2pm ET) please contact or let us know below.

The interactive (online) portion of the program will be hosted on the video conferencing platform Zoom. If you are unfamiliar with that platform or need help accessing technology needed to participate, please contact your monthly meeting for support. If you are unaffiliated with a monthly meeting or your monthly meeting is unable to help, please contact .

You can also provide input on programming.

Full Schedule

There’s all sorts of exciting things happening during Yearly Meeting in Session. You can check out: