Discord is a flexible on-line way for a group of people to communicate. It includes channels for text and voice. You can also share images and links. It can only be accessed by people who have been allowed to join, and access is controlled by an administration team.

Quakers experimented with this in May 2020 during Western Half Yearly Meeting, but it is definitely a new thing for us to be doing.

To join Discord with CYM2020 Quakers, you will need to do two things:

Post in #information: your name, your meeting or other affiliation. If you are a YAF, or a YF, or have some other role, include it here and we will know to assign you to that group of people. For example, there will be a channel for YAFs only.

Check out this guide to getting started with Discord if you would benefit from further explanations and instructions.

Why is it called Discord?

Discord was developed as a way for on-line gamers to communicate with one another. Think of this as beating an e-sword into a plowshare!