WHYM – Spring 2012 – Sunday Worship

Sunday morning we gathered for Worship, a group of young young Friends with some parents, held lovingly in our semi-circle.  The children coloured and played with some pipe cleaners brought from their gathering space.  Still in my memory –

A Friend’s ministry, “Pipe cleaners and Quakers have been around about the same length of time.  If pipe cleaners can survive in a technological age, so can we – if we have lots of colors”and another Friend adding, “…and be willing to be used in ways we couldn’t have imagined.”

Another Friend rising to share with us her experience of the faithful and tender loving care provided by the Curry-Dewar family to Lenore Price just before her death.

The ministry of music – “Love is flowing like a river”

…and the ministry of the children – subdued conversation with parents, sounds of babes.

and gratitude for my Faith Community.