September 29, 2012 in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

A Teach-in presented by The World Peace Forum Society.
Co-sponsored by the SFU Labour Studies Program
Sept.29, Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre, Vancouver

We live in a society that is, unfortunately, fond of war imagery. Those in power have created and financed the war on drugs‚ and the war on terror. While neither has been successful in their expressed aims, they have both contributed significantly to an erosion of our democratic and human rights, and have both enhanced surveillance of civil society by the state. Cynics might argue that this was their real intent.

Another war- this one undeclared and unnamed as such- is the ‘war on the workers’. Usually called austerity‚ or restraint‚, this war is waged by the rich and their wanna be’s against the working class and the poor, including women, students, aboriginal people and the elderly.

Although not meriting recognition as a ‘war’ by the class that wages it, it is very real in the casualties it causes- in the form of both dead and wounded – just like a ‘real’ war. And just like a real war‚, the generals and other officers who design and orchestrate it are a long way from the front lines, and well protected from any danger to their lives and property.

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