Monteverde Friends School

Accepting Applications for International Students in Grades 10-12

Expand Your Horizons in Costa Rica!

Grounded in the values of integrity, truth, community, and peace, we provide a challenging academic environment in an atmosphere of love and respect for our students, staff, and community. We strive to lay a foundation of solid intellect, pursuing truth and developing the values necessary to contribute to a peaceful and just society.

Nestled high in the cloud forest of Costa Rica, our school was founded in 1951 by Quaker families who left the United States in search of a non-militaristic society. Due to our strong ethics, curriculum and dedication of the community, the school has successfully grown to more than 100 students who represent Quaker, Costa Rican, and international communities. The school has evolved and thrived in this multicultural environment, rich in biodiversity, for over 60 years.

Join us for the opportunity of a lifetime! We offer….

  • Education guided by Quaker values
  • Strong bilingual curriculum
  • Small Spanish as a Second Language classes
  • High academic standards and caring individual support
  • Quality education with transferable credits
  • Rich cultural immersion in a Costa Rican home-stay
  • Many opportunities to make lasting friendships
  • Living in the midst of a pristine cloud forest and wildlife
  • Engaging opportunities for growth

Here’s what some have said about our school…

“The confidence and dedication exhibited by the students across the board here are a testimony to the learning that goes on at MFS. I couldn’t be more grateful to MFS for equipping me with the tools I need to live a happy life.” Daniel Vargas Cambronero, Class of 2009

“I have attended several schools both here and abroad. Of all of them, Monteverde Friends School is the best. Nothing compares to the level of education I have received and I have learned values here that have helped me to grow as a person.” Pamela Madriz Olivares, Class of 2012

“All your efforts to provide, not only a great academic school, but also one that allows students the opportunity to grow and mature in their abilities and self-esteem, are a precious gift to each student that attends.” Dee Sales, Parent of an International Student.

Find out more about us at Please contact us for a student application package and with any questions you may have.