Live webcast with UN on the rights of Canadian children

Turn Up the Volume

Why are more Canadian children victims of violence than are adults?

Why is the suicide rate among Aboriginal youth so high?

Why is Canada still one of the few industrialized nations without a national Children’s Commissioner?


These issues may seem disparate, but they are related because they are all children’s rights issues. The Convention on the Rights of the Child sets out minimum conditions for good childhood. They include protecting children from all forms of violence and harm, ensuring they have the developmental supports they need and establishing child-sensitive governance processes such as independent child Advocates and Commissioners. How well the Government of Canada meets its commitments to protect and provide for these rights directly affects the lives of children and youth across the country.


For the first time ever, a discussion between the Canadian Government and the United Nations on the rights of Canada’s children will be webcast live for “Turn Up the Volume”. Representatives from the government will answer questions on Canada’s progress in advancing the basic rights of children outlined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the challenges that affect our children and youth, and the action needed to address them.


Gather friends, family or colleagues for a viewing party at your home, workplace, youth group or community space. Don’t just listen — tune in to and the live expert blog at to join a broader national conversation on the issues and the kind of Canada you want for children and youth.


Who? All Canadians, particularly children and youth


When? September 26 & 27, 2012


Visit for viewing times, your Party Kit, how to join the conversation, and more about children’s rights and Canada’s dialogue with the UN.