Calling all enviro-minded artists!

Email from Gianne at CFSC:

Hi Young Friends!

Would any of you be interested in getting a drawing/ cartoon published in Quaker Concern? (That’s Canadian Friends Service Committee’s print newsletter)

We want to draw Friends’ attention to the situation of Genetically Modified Crops causing the evolution of super-weeds. What a great opportunity for a cartoon/ drawing!

One of our members has written an article about this, but it will be much more attractive with an illustration. She found a cartoon about it on the internet, but I can’t read the signature on it, and the editor of the site where she found it has not replied to my messages. So, I thought maybe i could find someone to make an original drawing.

I need the drawing by a week from today, that is, I need it by Jan 13, 2012. Contact Gianne if you’re interested and she can send you the article and cartoon for inspiration!