An Invitation from the Editor of the Canadian Friend- due March 30th!

Dear Young (Adult) Friends,
Sherryll Harris, the editor of the Canadian Friend is once again looking for submissions from YAFs and YFs for the Youth Issue! Submissions could be: art, poems, photos, articles, creative writing, etc…
Materials are due by March 30th! But the sooner the better!
Please consider contributing as the Canadian Friend welcomes and needs every voice.
If you are strapped for ideas- think about writing about:
  • your experiences at Canadian Yearly Meeting
  • your experiences at Western Half Yearly or Atlantic Friends Gathering
  • your experiences at Camp NeeKauNis
  • your experiences on the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage
  • your experiences as a member of one of the CYM committees: CFSC, HMAC, etc…
  • your experience as an intern with CFSC
  • your experiences at Friends General Conference Gathering
  • your experiences with the Occupy Movement
  • your experiences traveling
  • your personal experiences with your local meeting
  • your hopes and dreams for the Youth Secretary position
  • why you identify as a Quaker and what is special about Quakerism to you
  • your experiences volunteering, working with or going to an event that stems from your Quaker values
  • anything else