Please Respond- Request from Communications and Publications subcommittee!!!

Greetings, Friends!
The process of seeking input for CYM’s Communications Plan –which does include an expanded website– continues.
The following queries were given to Representative Meeting and are being considered in meetings. Would you please circulate them also among YF’s and YAF’s, and we trust that some will send responses. If the group as a whole would respond, we would particularly be happy.
In addition, I wonder:

  • How DO YF’s actually communicate when they need to get in touch with the group as a whole?
  • How would you use a Facebook presence and a Twitter presence on CYM’s website?
  • Etc????



1.        How can we use electronic communications technologies to build new kinds of connections between Friends and Meetings across the country? How can we create communities of interest as well as geographic communities?  How can we reach out to isolated Friends using these tools?

2.        How do our concerns about environmental sustainability and cost containment inform our decisions around virtual communication and committee work?

How do we separate concerns about avoiding possible negative outcomes, from the exploration of new positive actions that only can happen if these new technologies are implemented?
3.        How do we help to build readiness amongst Friends in CYM to embrace emerging technologies that can support and sustain our communication, our sense of community, our outreach to the world and our education of youth and adults?

4.        How do we effectively engage in spiritual discernment using virtual technologies?
What hesitation might Friends have about the implications of using such discernment?  What training do we need to give committee members and Friends to participate in and to facilitate virtual decision-making processes? What parameters do we need for software to accomplish these goals?
5.        How do we engage, serve and draw upon the resources of Quaker youth as we build new capacities?  How can we let them know that we are ready to help them set up a sufficient organizational structure to develop the Quaker future?

6.        How do we meld together sufficient infrastructure (hardware, software, distribution,  publication) ? How do we provide training that is effective, reliable, secure, sustainable, affordable? How do we protect ourselves from intrusive unFriendly surveillance at the same time as being open to enquirers? Do we want to give CYM an effective, recognizable logo and have a consistent naming and archival system for emails, web sites, stationary, etc.? 

And your own query would be? Please answer it as much as you can.