2012 Quaker Youth Pilgrimage- UK and the Netherlands


Seeking young Friends and adult leaders for 2012 Quaker Youth Pilgrimage
Applications are now being accepted from young Friends ages 16-18 who wish to take part in the 2012 Quaker Youth Pilgrimage.
Applications are also now being taken for adult leader positions.
The pilgrimage will run July 12-August 13, 2012 and will take place in The United Kingdom and the Netherlands.
Leader applications are due September 15, 2011; pilgrim applications must be in by October 1.
The Quaker Youth Pilgrimage has brought young Friends together for over 50 years to
  • Develop one’s relationship with God
  • Gain understanding of Quaker process
  • Explore Quaker history
  • Experience different Friends’ traditions and forms of worship
  • Form a community and lasting friendships
  • Participate in a service project

Successful applicants can apply to HMAC for funding support.