YF Gathering @ Vancouver Meeting House

A gathering of Young Friends took place November 10-12 at the Vancouver Meeting House.  Thirteen youth came together to play, make music, worship and bond for two evenings and one full day. Many had not met before.

As November 11 was Remembrance Day, a Meeting for Worship was held at 11am and we were joined by family and friends in a rich and gathered Meeting.  In the afternoon, the Young Friends ventured to Strathcona area of Vancouver to a youth art centre called the Purple Thistle to participate in a ‘Zine making workshop. 

With Young Friends coming from Victoria, Fort Langley, Burnaby and Vancouver the extending time together provided everyone with time to get to know each other in a relaxed way.  They look forward to seeing each other at future gatherings, such as the Vancouver Monthly Meeting Easter Retreat at Camp Alexandra in Crescent Beach, BC and Western Half Yearly Meeting in Sorrento, BC. 

The extremely reasonable cost of the Young Friends Gathering ($20 per participant) covered the costs of the food we prepared ourselves.  We are very thankful that the members of Vancouver Monthly Meeting were able to support this gathering by allowing us to use the Meeting House and thankful for the trust placed in us.  Thanks also to Micah Leuba, Ruth Walmsley and Fred Bass for their Friendly adult presence.

Submitted by Mavis Dixon on behalf of the participants