Would you like to share and learn about the varieties of ways people “do” Quakerism? Do you wonder how Friends know when to speak during worship? “Quaker Faith and Practice” is another free course starting in late April/early May. This course will explore some of the many ways that Quakers worship in expectant silence, listen spiritually to build peaceful communities, read and write spiritual journals, and make business decisions in large and small groups by “coming to unity” in the “sense of the Meeting.”

Worshippers at Ottawa Monthly Meeting

The course will explore themes like the following:
● That of God in everyone
● No end to divine revelation
● What is Heaven on Earth?
● Quaker Mysticism

This group will also meet online once per week for 7 weeks, use queries to nurture spiritual growth, and explore the foundational book Faith and Practice of the Canadian Yearly Meeting. This book documents the spiritual insights of Canadian Quakers past and present – as well as including text from other times and places, such as the historical “Advices and Queries.”

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