How can you become a Quaker if you are not born into the Faith?

We talk about two kinds of membership. “Birthright Quakers” were born into a Quaker family, registered by their families as junior members, and request regular membership when they become adult. A person who joins as an adult is a “Quaker by Convincement.” This latter group makes up the majority of our membership. Those who become Quakers later in life start by attending a Quaker Meeting as regularly as possible. After a time, the Meeting may ask the attender to consider membership, or the attender may request membership by writing to the Monthly Meeting through its Clerk. The Meeting will form a “clearness committee” to meet with the applicant and discern together if the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) is the appropriate spiritual home. If so, the clearness committee will recommend that the Meeting welcome the applicant into membership at a regular “meeting for worship with attention to business.”