Can I bring my kids?

Many Meetings have programming available for children while their parents are in Meeting for Worship. This is usually referred to as “First Day School.” First Day School may be offered every week, or on alternate weeks, or once a month.

Some Meetings allow children to read, draw, or do other quiet activities in the same room as the Meeting for Worship. This is common practice at Canadian Quaker Gatherings, and may be an option if you wish to attend a Meeting which does not regularly offer First Day School. The experience of having children present in Meeting for Worship is enriching for all ages.

We are always excited by the addition of families to our community. However, the availability and type of child care will vary significantly from Meeting to Meeting. Please contact the Clerk of your local Meeting to inquire as to their children’s program. Contact information for Meetings can be found at find a meeting.

In Meetings without many families it may be difficult for older children to connect with other Quakers their age. To build community with other young Quaker families, consider attending a regional gathering. Many families with children make a point of attending, even if they are irregular attendees at their home Meetings. Camp Neekaunis at Waubashene, near Midland, Ontario, is a place where some families and youth interested in Quakerism can explore it in an informal setting in the summer months.