Statement on Islamophobia

January 31, 2017

Quakers in Canada join with other Canadians in expressing deep sadness and grief in response to the shooting that took the lives of six Muslim worshippers and caused grave physical and emotional injury to others in le Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec Mosque in Québec City on Sunday, January 29.   We hold all of those affected, including the families, friends and fellow worshippers, in the healing Light and love of God.  We are thankful that some of our members have had the opportunity to take part in vigils and prayer services across Canada.

Our Testimony to Peace compels us to seek justice, relationship and reconciliation, and to condemn violence and hatred wherever found. We are called to witness to a ministry of love which overcomes fear.  As stated in a letter to the Canadian government after the events of September 11, 2001:  ‘We need to dampen the fires of hate and fear that could lead to more militarization, more targeting of victims, scapegoating of the innocent, more killing and devastation.  Let us enter into a time of quiet and together fully mourn this latest addition to the course of human suffering, to the agony that our species inflicts upon itself.

‘Out of this tragic event our hope is that together we may find a way to free ourselves from the mindless cycle of violence and counter-violence. There is an opportunity her to set out on a new path, where our guides may be not anger, vengefulness and murderous intent but justice, mercy and mutual forgiveness. ’ (Canadian Faith and Practice, 4.28)

In light of these events we re-release our statement against Islamophobia believing that it continues to have significant relevance.

Nancy McInnes, Presiding Clerk      Elaine Bishop, Mentoring Clerk