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Registration Now Open for Workshop on “Hope as a Practice”

Registration for ‘Hope as a Practice’ with Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre tutor Tracey Martin is now open.

Wanting to build your Quaker practices in 2021? Try this workshop, which has been taught across the United Kingdom for individuals wanting to strengthen their relationship to hope in a world filled with challenges, or to explore hopes you might have for your Quaker community.

The two-part workshop will take place Saturday June 5 and June 19, 2021. The closing date for registration is May 31.

Detailed Times

The workshops will last 1.5-2 hours long each and start at these times:

1:30pm Newfoundland/Labrador Time
1:00pm Atlantic Time
12:00pm Eastern Time
11:00am Central Time
10:00am Mountain Time
9:00am Pacific Time
5:00pm British Summer time

Cost & Registration

The cost is $100, with a sliding scale and full bursary programme available. See the registration form for details.

Register here:
Registration Form – “Hope as a Practice” Workshop

Questions? Email:

Workshop on “Hope as a Practice”

Education & Outreach and Woodbrooke Quaker College are partnering to bring Canadian Friends the workshop “Hope as a Practice” on June 5 and 19, 2021.

Can hope be more powerful than simple optimism? What does it mean to “practice hope” as a Quaker? How do we maintain hope when things seem to be getting worse rather than better?

In this workshop led by UK Woodbrooke Quaker Studies tutor Tracey Martin, we’ll explore different perspectives on hope and think about how they speak to us as Quakers as individuals, as well as within our Meetings and Worship Groups. Participants will have the opportunity to try out practices that can strengthen hope. We’ll reflect together on how to generate and renew hope to strengthen our collective capacity to bear witness in the world.

Detailed Times

The two-part workshop will take place Saturday June 5 and June 19, 2021, and last 1.5-2 hours long each time.

Anticipated course times:
1:30pm Newfoundland/Labrador Time
1:00pm Atlantic Time
12:00pm Eastern Time
11:00am Central Time
10:00am Mountain Time
9:00am Pacific Time

Cost & Registration

The approximate cost will be $100 Canadian. Friends requiring financial assistance are asked to connect with their Monthly Meeting or apply for an E&O bursary.

Keep an eye out for registration details in early May, as we anticipate this course will fill up quickly!

Questions? Email:

Connect with young Quakers… Online!

Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting has been hosting online Meetings for Worship and Worship-Sharing for Young Friends regularly during the pandemic. The schedule for these meetings can be found here: yf.quaker.ca/calendar

We will likely continue to offer online opportunities for fellowship after social distancing measures have been relaxed, and we have begun to plan in-person activities. We would love to connect with any Young Friends within Canada who are not yet involved with us!

If you would like to be kept up to date on activities for Young Friends, please fill out this form to subscribe to our MailChimp newsletter: eepurl.com/dl556L. Or join our Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/5872430401.

Please add to your email address book so that the newsletter is not filtered out of your inbox! And, of course, any Friend is free reach out to us at that address with any well seasoned questions or concerns for Young Friends.

Check out videos from last year’s annual gathering

Several sessions were recorded from Canadian Yearly Meeting 2020, which was held completely online due the coronavirus pandemic. You can finally watch three of them here – Videos from CYM 2020.

They are also available as a vimeo playlist.

The three talks are:

  • “Quaker Leadings & Our Calling in these Time” by Alastair McIntosh (Glasgow Meeting)
  • “Defunding Criminal Justice: Transforming, Abolishing, and What Comes Next?” by Quakers Fostering Justice

  • “Two Row on the Grand: A Learning & Reconciliation Journey” by Daniel Allen (Kitchener Area MM)

“Uh-oh, was that a leading?” Online Quaker Course

Please note: This course is now full. We are taking names on our waitlist, which will be closed on April 9, 2021. The demand for this course was very high, and we had to limit enrollments so that people are able to connect closely in community.

Quaker facilitator Jackie Bonner will be leading an online 6-week session called “Uh-oh, was that a leading?” Sponsored by the Education and Outreach Committee of Canadian Yearly Meeting, the course will run on Saturdays from April 10 to May 15, 2021.

Who is it for?

We recommend that participants have taken the Quaker 101 course, or have been attending Meetings or participating in Quakers life for at least a year.

What will the course cover?

What does it mean to be led by the Spirit? As Quakers we need to root ourselves in tradition but also be open to continuing guidance in changing circumstances. We need to remain open to the promptings of love, truth and commitment to discernment – as led by the Spirit.

Early Friends believed in leadings of the Spirit but their writings only give a general sense of what that might mean. What is a leading? How do we know when we’re being led? And how can we know when we are definitely not being led? Although there are no simple answers to these questions, the very least we can do is put our heads and hearts together and share our experience as we live our lives.

Topics will include:

  • Exploration of the concept of “leadings”
  • Readings and discussion on how early Friends and Friends throughout history have understood “leadings”
  • Quaker Humour
  • Opportunity to Discern what is and what is not a “leading
  • Exploration of what participants are experiencing and learning during the course

There are readings, activities, and homework for each session. The course includes worship, storytelling, reflections from readings, and the experiential application to one’s own life of what is learned. Central to the course is the chance to share our experience of Spirit in our lives.

How much does it cost?

The course costs $30 per participant. Payment details are on the course’s Registration page. There’s also an option to waive the fee due to financial hardship.

When, exactly, will it run?

The course will run for 1.5-2.0 hours each Saturday, from April 10 to May 15, 2021, beginning at the following times:

  • 2:00pm Newfoundland/Labrador
  • 1:30pm Atlantic
  • 12:30pm Eastern
  • 11:30am Central
  • 10:30am Mountain
  • 9:30am Pacific

How do you join?

Register using this google form. Registration closes April 9, 2021!

More Questions?

Please contact and our staff will forward emails to the appropriate people.