The Canadian Friend is the magazine of Canadian Yearly Meeting.

The Canadian Friend, 2007 Issue #3

Summer  2007

Volume 103, Number 3
Dealing with Conflict in our Meetings, Consultation & Renewal Recommendations, Quaker Crostic Puzzle

In This Issue:

4 Dealing with Conflicts in our MeetingsRob Hughes
6 Reflections of a Resident FriendAlicia King
7 Goodbye, BudJack Ross
7 Interfaith Summer Institute
8 Ixmipuilpan RevisitedRuth Malloy
9 Nous Avons Tous Notre Part de ResponsabilitéChantal Fournier
10 Quaker Initiative to End Torture: Minute of Exercise
11 Reflecting on the Environment: Christian PerspectivesDorothy Wilson and Elaine Gareau
12 Dream of Peace – Made in CanadaHugh MacDonald
13 Where We’ve Been: Expo ’67 Forty Years Later – Kyle Joliffe
13 Photo of Mordecai and Harriet Starr
14 Spring Representative Meeting ReportEllen Pye
14 Naming the DaysDan Cooperstock
15 By The NumbersDaphne Davey
16 Historic Ruling on Conscientious ObjectionJane Orion Smith
16 The Responsibility to ProtectJesse Husk
17 Introducing QuakerismDavid Greenfield
17 Long Distance CallingMargaret Slavin
18-21 Consultation and Renewal Recommendations
21 BamfieldAlfred Muma
22 No Extraordinary Power reviewBert Horwood
22 Bury The Chains reviewJane Orion Smith
23 The Liturgies of Quakerism reviewJune Etta Chenard
24 New to QBS
25 The Quaker RapKathleen and Anne Graham
26 Puzzle: Quaker CrosticMinta Vernon
27 A Wry Comment from the UK
27 ‘Tis a Gift to Complex
27 Trivia
28 Monthly Meetings
28 Other News
30 Letters (with artwork by Grayden Laing)
31 Advertising in The Canadian Friend
32 Credits, Upcoming Themes and Deadlines

The Canadian Friend, 2007 Issue #2

Cover of 2007 Issue 2Friends & Mental Health

Summer 2007
Volume 103, Number 2

In This Issue:

4 Nothing ComplicatedE. Daisy Anderson
6 He That Hath Two CoatsRick Juliusson
7 CalligraphyMinta Vernon
8 DepressionRob Hughes
10 Pastoral Care Relating to Depression and SuicideLesley Read
11 Reach Out AnywayClare Singleton
12 Historical Treatment of the Mentally IllEdith Miller
13 Camp NeeKauNis 75th Anniversary Reunion
14 Travel Down Under, The Friendly WayBecky Luckert
15 Donate to the CYM Travel Subsidy
15 Camp NeeKauNis
16 Nurturing FaithfulnessArnold Ranneris
16 An Opening for Resident Friends at Ottawa Meeting House
17 My Spiritual JourneyDouglas Mintz
18 Looking Ahead to CYM 2007Margot Overington
19 Interfaith Summer Institute
19 Eva Koch Scholarship 2008
19 Long Distance Calling…Margaret Slavin
20 Celebrate FWCC’s 70th Birthday
21 The Archives Corner – Jane Zavitz-Bond
21 True Bones of FlowersSylvia Mangalam
22 Holy Silence: The Gift of Quaker Spirituality – reviewJune Etta Chenard
22 Reflections from a Long Marriage – reviewBert Horwood
23 In Search of Margaret Fell – reviewArnold Ranneris
24 New to QBS
25 Search-a-word: The Valiant Sixty
25 March Crossword Answers
26 Monthly Meetings
27 Other News

The Canadian Friend, 2007 Issue #1

Cover of 2007 Issue 1Tales of Young Friends

March 2007
Volume 103, Number 1

In This Issue:

4 Journeys and Next StepsKatrina McQuail
5 Being Young, English and QuakerDaphne Davey
6 Sporadical, The Young Friends Sporadic Publication!Maggie Knight and Rachel Singleton-Polster
8 Where Have All the YAFs Gone?Andrew Gage
10 Quaker Inter-FaithErin McDougall
11 Exciting Youth Leadership Program at Camp NeeKauNisRavi Joshi
12 Friends and AppealsPeter Stevenson
12 Mrs. McFeeThea Walmsley
14 Your Truth or MineRick Juliusson
14 CartoonShaun Bartoo
15 CreationJen Deakin
15 To the Black Woman on the # 15 BusGrace Wolf
15 CYM Ideas Brewing
16 Cool Opportunities for Young FriendsAmy Jean Singleton-Polster
17 HMAC Education FundsFred Holtz
18 Reflections on the Joys and Challenges of Young Friends Retreats in OntarioRebecca Ivanoff
19 Some Tips on how to Organize a Young Friends’ RetreatRebecca Ivanoff and Katrina McQuail
21 A Young Friend on CFSCPeter Earley
22 From The Canadian Friend ArchivesClippings courtesy Kyle Joliffe
23 A Simply Extraordinary Place to Grow UpDiana Shepard Stephens
24 200 Years of AbolitionMonica Walters-Field
24 Where Are Our John Woolmans?Bob McInnes
25 Wars and the Peace ProcessAnthony Richmond
26 Visiting Isolated FriendsJane MacKay Wright
27 The Stick in ‘Smail’s BundleTerron K. Dodd
27 Faith & Practice Progress ReportMolly Walsh
28 TortureAnne-Marie Zilliacus
29 Long Distance Calling….Margaret Slavin
30 Coming Together as FriendsRose Mae Harkness
30 Fall Representative MeetingCarol Bradley
31 Emerging GiftsPeter Stevenson and Margaret Slavin
32 The Ursula Franklin Reader reviewJune Etta Chenard
33 New to QBS
34 Crossword: Where the Friends Are
34 Trivia
35 Young Friend Updates
37 Monthly Meetings
39 Other News

The Canadian Friend, 2008 Issue #3

Cover of 2008 Issue 3Summer 2008

Volume 104, Number 3

In This Issue:

2 Editorial
4 Come PassionDiana Mitchell
4 Speaking Truth to EmpowerDaisy E. Anderson
5 Book ReviewArnold Ranneris
6 Lessons in SharingJesse Husk
7 GiftsBill McMechan
7 Compassion/CompanionJanine Gagnier
8 The Golden RuleDiana Mitchell
8 Supporting Ageing Members of our MeetingCarol Leigh Wehking
10 From My Heart to Your Heart…Pashta MaryMoon
11 Lack of Forgiveness Can Affect Our HealthSheryl Walter
12 “What’s Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba…”Fiona McMurran
13 Book ReviewBimal Thambyah
13 “Everywhere I went …Dante”Carole Langille
14 Long Distance CallingMargaret Slavin
14 Questions of SurvivalGeorge Sanders
15 Excerpt from story…Michael Phillips
15 “…Endangered bird’s Prairie…”CBC News
16 I Shall Pass Though This World But OnceStephen de Grellet
16 The Prairie Ornithologist’s Lecture …Roger Davies
17 Greening CYM: Does it Matter?Beverly Shepard
18 FWCC Notice
18 Com “cat” sionJanine Gagnier
19 Compassion for a CatEdith Miller
20 C’nR ReportMarilyn Manzer and Susan Stevenson
21 Highlights of Western Half Yearly MeetingBob McInnes and Linda Hill
22 Report from the Quaker ArchivesJane Zavitz-Bond
22 Seventy Years Ago in The Canadian FriendKyle Joliffe
24 Around the Family
25 Advertisements
26/27 Photo spread of WHYM

The Canadian Friend, 2008 Issue #5

Cover of 2008 Issue 5December 2008

Volume 104, Number 5
Experience of Spirit in Our Lives, Encouraging Faithful Diversity, Quaker Roots

In This Issue:

2 Editorial
4 Ministry and WorshipHelen Hole
4 Experience of Spirit in My LifeKitty Dunn
5 Following a CallSigny Fridriksson
6 Encouraging Faithful DiversityKirsten Ebsen
8 Quakers talk about Christian RootsBeverly Shepard
10 Christ-Present vs Christianity
11 Solar BeingJon Karsmeyer
12 Report from CYM’s Representative to FUMSigny Fridriksson
14 A Saint, His Chickens, and a MiracleRobert Nunn
15 Lane ChangesGina Bennett
16 YearningMichael Phillips
18 What We Learn to SeeJoseph Fasciani
19 Growing the Blessed CommunityCarol Dixon and Wesley Glebe
19 Notice for Pen Pals
20 My Experience at CYMAmie Trofymow
21 Program Committee’s Quest for an Ontario SiteCarol Bradley
22 These Things I Have LearnedDiana Mitchell
23 Around the Family
24 Advertisements
26 Advanced Inclusive Leadership TrainingJanet Lehde
28 Notice of Submission Dates for 2009