The Canadian Friend is the magazine of Canadian Yearly Meeting.

The Canadian Friend, 2006 Issue #3

Summer 2006

Volume 102, Number 3
Emerging technologies, Welcome & Hospitality, Remembrance & LegaciesCover of 2006 Issue 3

In This Issue:

2 From the Editor’s Desk
4 Emerging technologiesDonald Alexander
6 Excitement at Camp NeeKauNisBeverly Shepard
7 Hospitality: A Friendly perspectiveJennie Wright
8 Broken open at the Welcome TableKatie Aven
11 Are we possessed? Legacy or burden?Helen Melbourne and Stephanie Deakin
13 Poetry: ChangeKay Collins-Thompson
13 Poetry: Fund AppealsJack Ross
14 A light in the wardEd Abbott
14 A message sent to Susan Bax in July 2002June Etta Chenard
15 Coincidence? Serendipity? Something Else?Joy Belle Conrad-Rice
18 Thank youMargaret Slavin
19 The City of RemembranceAmy Jean Singleton-Polster
20 FWCC Ad for Founders Fund
21 CYM national listeners for Young Friends and adults
22 Book reviewsWinnifred Tanner, Don Woodside
23 The stone in your shoe: A report from Western Half-Yearly MeetingKirsten Ebsen
24 A report from the Faith and Practice Development CommitteeMolly Walsh
25 Report from the spring meeting of Representative MeetingEllen Pye
26 Around the Family
28 Credits, Upcoming Themes, and Deadlines

The Canadian Friend, 2006 Issue #2

Personal Experience of Faith

Summer 2006
Volume 102, Number 2Cover of 2006 Issue 2

In This Issue:

2 From the Editor’s Desk
4 Opening ears and heartsEllen Pye
6 Victoria Monthly Meeting (VMM)Arnold Ranneris, Pashta Mary-Moon, and other VMM Friends
9 Some thoughts on Quaker “otherness”Kyle Joliffe
10 Why peace teams risk their livesLyn Adamson
11 Twelfth anniversary of Havana Quakers Unprogrammed GroupMercedes Soca Gil
12 Going in the right direction at a reasonable clipEd Abbott
13 Our 2006 Pre-CYM workshop stands outCarol Bradley
14 What Quakers believe — and sometimes do!Eric Schiller
16 From the Remonstrantse Kerk to the Religious Society of FriendsLies Smit
18 “Greening” Canadian Yearly Meeting in sessionCYM Programme Committee
20 Jesse and Peter’s bicycle tripJesse Thompson
21 Sylvia Graves named Interim FUM General Secretary
22 Encountering Elizabeth Fry: A poet’s reflectionJulie Robinson
25 Statistics about Quakers in the world
25 Apply for HMAC’s scholarship to attend Pendle Hill for eight days
25 Canadian Yearly Meeting listeners (for adult and young Friends)
26 Book reviewsBarbara Bucknall, Arnold Ranneris, June Etta Chenard
29 Letters to the editor
32 Quaker Book Service: new books
34 Around the Family
35 TrilliumsBev Shepard
36 Credits, Upcoming Themes, and Deadlines

The Canadian Friend, 2006 Issue #1

Hallowing Our Daily Lives

Summer 2006
Volume 102, Number 1Cover of 2006 Issue 1

In This Issue:

2 From the Editor’s Desk
4 Grammy, my greatest mentorAmy-Jean Polster
5 Wangari Maathai and Terry Tempest Williams: The connectionElaine C. Emmi
6 Some words of help from Sunderland P. GardnerKyle Jolliffe
7 Toronto Friends Meeting House in the news
8 Elbow grease with loveSheila Havard
10 Broom horses and Danish JewsGrace Wolf
11 gkisedtanamoogk, our neighbour and our friendSophie Bérubé
12 Some thoughts on a year at Pendle HillSharon MacDonald
14 PoetryCornelia Hoogland, Jack Ross, Beverly Shepard
15 Our debt to imaginationMichael Miller
15 PoetryZoltan Dienes
16 My answer to the question: What is or makes a Quaker?Siepko Lok
17 PoetryEva Lyman
18 Quaker food relief action in ZimbabweJohn Schmid
19 FWCC Annual Meeting (advertisement)
20 Book reviewsBert Horwood, Anthony Richmond, Sheila Brown, Andrew Gage
24 Quaker Book Service: New books
25 Progress report: Faith and Practice Development CommitteeMolly Walsh
25 Canadian Yearly Meeting listeners for adult and Young Friends
26 Family reunion, secret society, or faithful servant of the Yearly Meeting? A report on the fall 2005 Representative MeetingBev Shepard
27 Advertisements
28 Letters to the EditorSiepko Lok, Keith Maddock
29 How to avoid paying military taxes when you do your income tax
30 Around the Family
31 An appeal on behalf of The Canadian Friend
32 Credits, upcoming themes, and deadlines

The Canadian Friend, 2007 Issue #5

Cover of 2007 Issue 5December 2007

Volume 103, Number 5

In This Issue:

3 Can We Speak for the Commonwealth of Life?Keith Helmuth
5 Paranoia May be a Healthy Reaction to the Current WorldCarol Bradley
6 Biotechnology: Is it so Similar?Tracey McCowan
7 The Forests and The TreesVince Zelazny
8 Why Friends Should Be ConcernedSylvia Mangalam
9 Biotechnology – Some Ownership and Control IssuesCarol Dixon
10 Advertisement: Camp NeeKauNis
11 Friends World Committee for Consultation’s 70th AnniversaryAlouette Lark
12 Advertisement: Leave a Legacy
13 Greetings From AfghanistanBarb Everdene
15 A History of New Brunswick Monthly MeetingEdith Miller
18 Long Distance Calling…Margaret Slavin
19 Friends and BurnoutSue Starr
20 Where We’ve Been: Friends and the Sin of the Hydrogen BombKyle Joliffe
21 Search-a-word: Almost FamousJen Deakin
22 Answers to the October Crossword
23 Advertisement: Food Co-op Coordinator
24 The Upside of Down/The Shock Doctrine reviewsAnthony H. Richmond
24 Discovering God As Companion reviewArnold Ranneris
25 New To QBS
26 Monthly Meetings
27 Other News
27 Credits, Upcoming Themes and Deadlines

The Canadian Friend, 2007 Issue #4

Cover of 2007 Issue 4October 2007

Volume 103, Number 4
Canadian Yearly Meeting in Session

In This Issue:

3 CYM 2007: The View From the Clerks’ TableBeverly Shepard
4 Young Friends Epistle
4 Young Adult Friends Epistle
5 Consultation and RenewalMona Callin
5 Gleanings Edith Miller
6 PhotoKelly Ackerman
6 Lost and FoundCarol Bradley
6 Peace Concerns at CYM 2007Arnold Ranneris
7 Joys and Challenges of the Work of M&CSue Starr
8 News from the Food Co-opDon Alexander
8 Signs of HopeArnold Ranneris
9 Counter-RecruitmentFiona McMurran
10 PhotoElen Cheatley and Marika Haspeck
10 PhotoErin McDougall
11 Report of the Special Interest Group on Friends United Meeting
11 PhotoJessica Tellez and Betty Peterson
12 Letter to FUM
13 ‘New’ BiotechnologyAnne Mitchell
14 What Flavour Quaker Are You?Evalyn Parry
15 A Faith Beyond BeliefJohn Calder
16 Peace File PleaJane Zavitz-Bond
16 Long Distance Calling…..Margaret Slavin
17 Canadian Friends Enrich Pendle HillShirley Dodson
18 Where We’ve Been: Quaker Oats, The Titanic and Collective Memory
19 Update on Court Case of US “War Resisters”Jane Orion Smith
20 Egan-Pimblett Trust Account Established
20 Yonge Street Half Yearly MeetingJudy Gilbert
21 A Canadian Department of Peace?Ray Cunnington
22 New to QBS
23 CrosswordPeter Stevenson and Jesse Thompson
24 Crostic Solution
24 Some Interesting Web Pages
25 Monthly Meeting News
26 Other News
27 Credits, Upcoming Themes and Deadlines